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The Empowered Paralegal is for the paralegal people by paralegal people and contains what paralegal people need in order to be well informed and exceedingly productive. This blog site has been chosen to be one of our top 5 as it is an unlimited source of vital information.

Cause of Action Handbook now available .
by admin almost 4 years ago
Lawyer Applies for Paralegal Position
by R. E. Mongue almost 4 years ago



Melissa H. struts her stuff as she dishes on what’s- up in the paralegal profession with a little dash of down home on the side. Her Paralegalese blog aims to give confidence and support to visiting paralegals and keep them abreast the news around them.

Lori Paul


The blog offers insight into the lives of paralegals. It also has some good (and different) courtroom stories for the reader. Note: The contact page is in the middle section only a few clicks down from the top.

Former Law Student Sues Over a D Grade in Contracts
by Lori Paul almost 4 years ago
Former San Francisco Paralegal Who Embezzled, Gets Over 2 Years In Federal Prison
by Lori Paul almost 4 years ago