Science of Social Harms


This blog seeks explore the societal ramifications of drug use, including medical weed. It shows both sides, both for and against, in the struggle to legalize.

Solutions to Crime, Part 1: Peacekeeping Canada
by John Anderson over 4 years ago

Startup Company Law


Stay on the friendly side of legal relations with this site's exceptionally important advice. Issues with the law regularly surface with startups; steer clear of them here.

Is Title III Equity Crowdfunding Going to Work?
by Joe Wallin about 4 years ago
How to Design for Humans
by Joe Wallin about 4 years ago

JD Journal


The JD Journal seeks to “address issues, concerns, and new products that are directly related to enhancing the professional lives and job-seeking efforts of attorneys, law students, and other legal staff,” and they do it very well! JD Journal is an excellent resource for those in law school, or even just people interested in legal news.

$120 Million Jury Verdict Against Samsung Overturned
by Amanda Griffin over 2 years ago
One Direction Member Seeking Custody Rights Over Newborn Son
by Amanda Griffin over 2 years ago

Law Riot


Law Riot is a well-designed blog that features a wide variety of legal content, nearly always with a humorous twist as evidenced by the heavily populated “humor” tab located at the top of the site. Whether you’re a curious pre-law student, a current student looking for a little comic relief or a nostalgic graduate there’s something for you.



The self-proclaimed “People’s Law Guide” hence, PLAWG. The blog aims to facilitate the “sharing of legal news and ideas” in terms the general public can understand. This mission makes PLAWG an excellent resource for pre-law students and anyone else interested in the laws that govern their lives.

Legal Information Institute Announce


Cornell Law School’s blog. Contains lots of interesting information about cases currently going through the Supreme Court as well as other current legal topics.

Meet the Staff: It’s all Wayne’s work
by admin over 4 years ago
Meet our donors: Kristin Knudsen
by admin over 4 years ago

May It Please the Court


Blogger J.Craig Williams is an intensely passionate writer, having penned at least a little something every day for 25 years. That experience with the written word really shines through here, as each post crafted by this lawyer gleams with excellent prose. He focuses on relating the court-going life of a legal professional to his readers, discussing contemporary cases of note and his own experiences with judges, defendants and others.

Lawyers on Strike


This blog commences by stating a truth: how people perceive American legal practice, and the reality of it, are completely different ideas. Lawyers on Strike seeks to inject a bit more honesty into how the general public regards life in the law. It relates stories of injured, sympathetic plaintiffs being screwed by the court, lawyers' bar associations showing ineptitude. Anyone looking to look at the law through the retinae of those whose grapple with the system daily will be hooked in no time here.

Freak Show
by JMRJ over 3 years ago
Large Hadron Collider: Science Or Mysticism?
by JMRJ over 3 years ago

Cato @ Liberty


This scholarly blog is sponsored by the Cato Institute, a civil libertarian think tank dedicated to limited government, “individual liberty, free markets, and peace.” With daily entries the blog is a compelling resource for civil liberty expositions including religious speech in schools, the Transportation Security Administration’s security protocols, legal protections for citizen journalists recording on-duty law enforcement officers, and government searches.

He Is the Very Model of a Modern Retired Justice
by Ilya Shapiro about 4 years ago
Sentencing Reform and Clemency
by Tim Lynch about 4 years ago

First Amendment Watch


This intriguing blog highlights the First Amendment basic freedoms (religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition) featured in news reports, commentary, legal cases, and other areas. It is operated by the First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University.

First Amendment Center Archive
by Gene Policinski over 3 years ago
‘Cross at Ground Zero’: History lesson or state religion?
by Charles C. Haynes almost 4 years ago

The Confrontation Blog


This captivating blog’s focus is the Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment and the resulting legal developments since the 2004 Supreme Court decision in Crawford v. Washington that redefined the standard for determining when admissions of hearsay statements in criminal cases are permitted under the Sixth Amendment. The blog is a valuable resource for tracing the post-Crawford decisions which further define unavailability, confrontation, and cross-examination.

Third petition on surrogate experts
by Richard D. Friedman over 2 years ago
New cert petitions on the "expert witness end-run"
by Richard D. Friedman over 2 years ago

Legal Juice


This site offers all the drama, both in and out of the courtroom. It has a true sense of humor and the articles are breezy and entertaining to read.

Fighting This Traffic Ticket? Not Such A Good Idea
by John Mesirow almost 4 years ago
Hey, Don’t Shoot The Lawn Mower!
by John Mesirow almost 4 years ago



Readers can find an sophisticated, opinionated take on the current state of U.S. litigation here. Manifold legal experts lend their learned viewpoints on courts with zeal.

Second Circuit: Pragmatism Trumps Truth
by Hester Peirce about 4 years ago
Bond v. U.S.
by James R. Copland about 4 years ago

Blog of Legal Times


This blog concentrates on the legal scene surrounding the Capitol. Affairs in and out of the Supreme Court find equal mention here.

by David Brown over 4 years ago

The Am Law Daily


Busy, frazzled lawyers somehow find the time to ensure they read this important daily news page. It covers legal scenes both stateside and abroad.



Blogger Robert helps his readers discover the latest and greatest web sites to support legal know-how here. Online law schools and android attorneys are new posts.

Captured on Video! Some Ambrogi Guy Talking About Blogging
by Robert Ambrogi almost 3 years ago
The Failure of Crowdsourcing in Law (So Far, At Least)
by Robert Ambrogi almost 3 years ago

The Client Revolution


Jay has had his fill of the antiquated, old-school model of law firms and seeks to usher in a progression in legal practice here. Lawyering in 2019 and beyond is a common focus.