Lawsome is a great blog about the funny laws that states actually pass. A constantly updated blog featuring very real and very funny laws from all over the country!

But I Did Everything Right!


If you need a break from the seriousness of most law-related blogs, check out “But I Did Everything Right!”. The blog contains posts across a broad spectrum of law-related topics, and nearly always with a humorous twist.

Legally Drawn


It turns out cartoons aren’t just for kids, lawyer Vasanth Sarathy posts his bi-weekly legally inspired cartoons on the Legally Drawn blog. Directed at law students and lawyers, the cartoons are creative interpretations of the often-humorous nuances of practicing law.

Legal Antics


Legal Antics offers something a little different: a sense of humor when dealing with the law, courtroom antics, and lawyers.

Lowering the Bar


This San Francisco lawyer concentrates on providing fellow legal folk with a place to have a good guffaw. The humor here isn't insider; the general public can chuckle here too.

A New Website
by Kevin over 2 years ago
D.C. Prepares to Name an Official Amphipod
by Kevin over 2 years ago