Reese Witherspoon's ditzy-genius performance in Legally Blonde has inspired a new generation of law school candidates who might previously have never considered taking up the bar one day. Ace the LSAT acknowledges that this bar is, and always will be, set high, but at the same time it provides an enviable trove of tips designed to help readers master the exam. Visitors can also use the blog to coordinate and schedule a day-by-day study plan tailored to their test-taking date.

How I Changed My Understanding Of The LSAT
by Steve Schwartz over 2 years ago
How Hannah increased her LSAT score from 144 to 163 + got into UVA
by Steve Schwartz over 2 years ago

The Law Street Journal


A law school blog for everyone—prospective law students, current attendees and graduates. The Law Street Journal separates its content by audience: Applicants, 1L/2L, 3L, and Dissenting Opinions, which is a humorous column containing "tales of woe" from current law students. This setup makes it easy to locate your desired content.

March Madness: Is Your Office Pool Illegal?
by Christy over 4 years ago
Studying Law in India- A Student’s Perspective
by Pranusha Kulkarni over 4 years ago



The “lawyering survival guide” for all facets of a legal career. Tips on how to succeed in law school, ace your exams, polish your resume, land a great job, or even start your own firm, you'll find it all here!

5 Fonts Courts Use Besides Times New Roman
by Sam Glover over 3 years ago
Keep Your Data Safe While Skyping, Chatting, and Using Your Smartphone
by Lisa Needham over 3 years ago

Law Student


Outlines, Exams, Tools & Tips for pre-law and current law students can all be found at the Law Student Blog. Law Student contains nearly everything a law student might ever need know—from application tips to common law school mistakes to bar exam studying guidelines.

Priorities During Your First-Year of Law School
by Law Student almost 4 years ago
How to Make It to the Top of Your Class in Law School
by Law Student almost 4 years ago

Life of a Law Student


Life of a Law Student contains heavy legal material, akin to what current and prospective students encounter during law school. The blog aims to demystify these topics and to make the material free and accessible to all.

Court-Appointed Ad Litem: Are They Helpful?
by admin over 4 years ago
Bag the “Ag Gag” Bills
by admin over 4 years ago

Student Perspectives


Many students contribute to Yale's Law School blog, weighing in on a variety of subjects. From juggling life as an actor and law student, to choosing classes, these posts are all regularly updated, and well written.

Life at Law: University of Oregon School of Law


Blogging from Eugene, OR, eleven students describe life at law school. Read about such topics as film festivals, conferences, and the great outdoors.

Law Student Blog


Written by a former law student for those considering law school. Covers an expanse of topics, ranging from how to talk to your parents about going to law school, to how to study for exams.

Accident Compensation Claim Solicitors
by admin about 4 years ago
No Win No Fee Personal Injury Cases Really Do Exist
by admin over 4 years ago

Brian Leiter's Law School Reports


“News and views about legal academia and the legal profession” written by two law professors. Law School Reports offers posts concerning all elements of legal academia, including new dean announcements, highlights of law schools in the media, and a fair amount of legal humor.

Texas A&M Law School (formerly Texas Wesleyan) names L&E scholar Andrew Morriss as new Dean
by Brian Leiter about 4 years ago
ATL's approach to ranking law schools: decide what the result should be, then adjust the criteria accordingly
by Brian Leiter about 4 years ago

Law Cents


All the things a law student wished they knew before law school! A law school blog with an economical twist, the blogger shares not only tips and tricks for academics, but also cheap deals of interest to those in the law.

Clear Admit


Boasting “news, advice, and resources for law school applicants,” Clear Admit contains a myriad of information for those interested in applying to law school. With posts such as “Staying Sane During the Law School Application Season,” and many suggestions on how to study for the often-dreaded LSAT, the blog is an invaluable resource for those considering law.

Columbia MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Early Decision / Alumnus / Off-campus
by arisalomon almost 4 years ago
IU’s Kelley School of Business Partners with NFL for Online MBA Programs
by clearadmitblog almost 4 years ago

Most Strongly Supported


A blog dedicated to everything LSAT. Every law school wannabe must take the Law School Admissions Test, but Most Strongly Supported is here to help take the edge off of studying. Full of helpful study tips, LSAT news, and general application advice to help you along in the admissions process.

How to Use Your Debater Skills to Beat the LSAT
by Devin Race over 2 years ago
Are You Scoring in the 170s? Here Are Tips to Score Higher.
by Aaron Cohn over 2 years ago

Temporary Attorney


There has to be a cynical side to everything right? Find your healthy dose of legal cynicism here, as the Temporary Attorney bloggers take on everything from attorney’s pension plans to law school tuition rates and student loans.

Law School Transparency


Law School Transparency Blog states that their goal is to “inform prospective law students about the value of a law degree by providing open access to ABA-approved law school employment information.” This is an excellent resource for pre-law and law students who will eventually be seeking a legal job after graduation.

(203) Admissions Blog


This law school admissions blog is put together by Yale Law School but contains highly relevant information for all potential applicants. From scholarship advice to how to advice on great books to read over the summer, the (203) Admissions Blog has it all.

203 Redux
by asha over 3 years ago

Law is Cool


A blog and podcast with a Candian twist—Law is Cool is student-run and made up of law students from all across Canada. They answers questions such as “should you apply to law school?” and “how can I land a job after law school?” A must-read for current law students!

Can we balance work and our personal life?
by Paralegal Student almost 4 years ago
The Struggle to Juggle.
by Paralegal Student almost 4 years ago

Law School Podcaster


A blog made up of podcasts for the verbally-inclined learners out there. The “online source for everything law school,” Law School Podcast boasts a wealth of information about the application process, how to succeed in law school, and beyond. A must-read for potential law school applicants.

Introducing a First-of-Its-Kind Law School Application Workshop
by Law School Podcaster over 4 years ago
From Inside the Admissions Office
by Law School Podcaster over 4 years ago

The Harvard Law Record


The Harvard Law Record is a long running independent newspaper of Harvard Law School. With content ranging from how to add a little laughter to law school to the constitutionality of newly adopted airport screening procedures the HLR covers it all.

End the Prison-Industrial Complex
by Michael Shammas about 4 years ago
Public Interest Auction Raises Money for SPIF
by Lisa Marrone about 4 years ago

Non Traditional Law Student


A self-proclaimed non-traditional law student blogs his way through law school. A married man with children attending law school part-time while maintaining a full-time job, the blogger shares his experiences of a less-than-traditional law school experience.

New Kid on the Hallway


Follow the life of a current law student as she makes her way from 0L to 3L and begins to study for the bar examination. Those considering applying to law school as well as current law students will learn many tips and tricks along the way.

Trial Practice Tips


Heading to court soon and need to brush up on your professional legal manner? Evan's blog will arm you with the litigation tips you need to earn your desired verdict.

Legal Writing: Bookmark This Site
by Evan Schaeffer about 4 years ago
The Cost of Medical Records: Are You Getting Scammed?
by Evan Schaeffer about 4 years ago

How to Obtain a Work Permit in the US: Easy Steps


It is always best to have an experience immigration lawyer by your side because the process can be long and complicated.