UK Freedom of Information Blog


This blog’s focus is the United Kingdom (U.K.) Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) news. The blog also presents information both the on the U.K. FOIA and the subsequent FOIA of Scotland.

FOI case law update - 28 November 2013
by Katherine Gundersen over 4 years ago
76 organisations call on government to drop proposed FOI restrictions
by Katherine Gundersen over 4 years ago

UK Human Rights Blog


This United Kingdom blog is written by members of Once Crown Office Row Barristers’ Chambers. The blog highlights human rights cases decided under the United Kingdom Parliament Human Rights Act of 1998.

The Round-up: companies off the hook for human rights abuses?
by Charlotte Bellamy over 2 years ago
Abortion, mental incapacity and prior intentions: Court of Protection Clarifies the law
by Matthew Hill over 2 years ago

UK Supreme Court


The highest court in Great Britain keeps its populace informed about recent events through this blog. Experts also use the space to comment on the court's decisions.

Supreme Court art: inappropriateness
by Isobel Williams over 4 years ago
In the Supreme Court w/c 31 March 2014
by Laura Sandwell over 4 years ago

The Becker-Posner Blog


Two gifted legal professionals provide deep and exciting perspectives on lives involving the court here. The posts are dense and detailed, but incredibly worth the long read.

Sabbatical Notice
by Richard Posner over 4 years ago
The Embargo of Cuba: Time to Go- Becker
by Gary Becker over 4 years ago

China Law Blog


As China's clout continues to massively snowball, this may just become the most important law blog of them all. The country's legal landscape is frequently misunderstood by Westerners; the writers here exhibit expertise in the laws of both Beijing and Boston. Businesspeople who are aiming at the huge country as a potential prospect are the primary audience here. Thankfully, the writers don't just dole out China law news; they also offer vibrant, sometimes heated opinion on it too.

China Compliance: Don’t Rely On Your China Staff
by Arlo Kipfer almost 4 years ago
China Part-Time Employee Rules
by Grace Yang almost 4 years ago

What About Paris?


Blogger Dan considers the legal experience of high-powered clients here. Each post announces to readers his goal to treat clients like with esteem, not like equipment.

Stormy Monday: The Seven Habits of Tragically Useless Lawyers.
by JD Hull almost 4 years ago
On the good foot.
by JD Hull almost 4 years ago

The Brazil Law Blog


The Brazil Law Blog is a legal and business blog designed for foreign investors doing business in Brazil. The blog is updated twice weekly with articles in English on topics of importance for individuals and companies in Brazil.

Demonstrators Gather to Demand the Legalization of Marijuana
by Angelico Law about 4 years ago
Carlyle Partners Step in to Bail Out Real Estate Developer
by Angelico Law about 4 years ago