Connecticut Employment Law Blog


If you work in Connecticut, this is a blog that you need to read through. Blogger Daniel A. Schwartz goes into great detail every law that involves you, the worker, to better understand your rights in the work place.

“Ban the Box” Bill Would Also Protect Felons From Discrimination
by Daniel Schwartz over 2 years ago
Hostile Work Environment Creator, Equal Opportunity Offender or Something Else?
by Daniel Schwartz over 2 years ago



This blog was one of the first to tackle the sometimes weighty theme of employment law. The writers are ravenous about getting word out on Supreme Court decisions first.

Work Matters


Blogger Michael discusses employment and labor law here. Racial tension and Wal-Mart's legal battles provide for the most recent posts' fodder.

Delaware Employment Law Blog


These bloggers discuss law as it relates to employment not just in Delaware but nationwide. Most recently, it's dealt with medical marijuana and LinkedIn use tips.

Rebranding Employee Communications, Courtesy of Delta Airlines
almost 4 years ago
How NOT to Produce Facebook Evidence
almost 4 years ago

Quiat On Claims


ERISA, disability income, life and other complex insurance insights and legal updates from the viewpoint of the claimant and the attorney.

Merck's Laundry List
by Michael Quiat about 3 years ago
The Malpractice NONdeterrent
by Michael Quiat about 3 years ago

CA Employee Rights


This blog explains key employment laws that every employee in California should know. The information presented here is derived from real court decisions and statutes, and is intended to help everyday folks understand the complex world of employment law.

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Get the latest updates of state and federal labor law posters to make your business in compliance!