Kramm Reporting


This site has some great information on depositions and random court happenings. The blog is run by a court reporting company and provides both an insight and inside look at everything court related.

Court Reporters, Videographers – Financial Literacy 101
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Motion GRANTED re Court Reporters’ Page Rates
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The Court


Osgoode Hall Law School students and staff run this blog to discuss the goings on of the Canadian Supreme Court. Those interested in Canuck court systems will quack for this page.

Constitutionalizing Environmental Protections Under the Charter: PART 4
by Avnish Nanda over 4 years ago
Constitutionalizing Environmental Protections Under the Charter: PART 3
by Avnish Nanda over 4 years ago

Florida Jury Selection Blog


Blogger Bob has composed this site for trial attorneys who understand just how important excellent jury choices can be. Non-lawyer readers can learn a ton on the processes of selection.



Everything and anything that has to deal with the nature of courts, and working in them, can be fodder here. Each of the writers sports a law degree, yet writes clearly.

To Read
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The Five Percent
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Court Beat


Blogger Joan covers every happening of the Supreme Court with a delightfully fine comb. She regularly devotes posts to focusing on one judge in particular.

Ohio Court of Appeals


This blog covers the latest decisions of the Ohio Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Those who have recently appeared before it can learn about it decisions here.

When God Died And Judges Took Over; Can Judges Break The law ? YES THEY CAN


The story of a father and businessman that lost it all to texas Judges just because he fought for what he believed in..kepping his business & family clear from drugs and corruption