ACLU of Michigan Blog


This blog is sponsored by the ACLU’s Michigan affiliate. One of its most captivating features is the “Your Weekly Rights Review,” a weekly summation of current civil liberties topics and developments in the Michigan region. The affiliate is very active in the courts and, for example, has presented vehement arguments in federal courts challenging the constitutionality of Michigan law requiring that juveniles that commit certain crimes receive mandatory sentences of life without possibility for parole.

Democracy Watch: Bankruptcy Pivot Point
about 4 years ago
Marriage Matters: We're not buying "just doing my job"
about 4 years ago

A More Perfect Blog


This informative blog is sponsored by the Bill of Rights Institute, an organization committed to providing United States Constitution and Bill of Rights information and educational resources for high school students and educators. Post topics include “The Forgotten Story of The Bill of Rights”; “The Tragedy in Oklahoma”;” Octavius v Catto”; and “Religious Liberty and the Public Schools.”

Legal Ethics Forum


The Legal Ethics Forum is a top notch site, that covers court rulings with an eye toward ethical issues within. There's a ton of content here and there are some truly important issues covered as well.

"An Indiana Ethics Opinion That May Kill Legal Start Ups"
by John Steele about 4 years ago
Happy St. Expeditus Day
by Monroe Freedman about 4 years ago

MCLU Blogs


This blog from the Maine Civil Liberties Union (MCLU), the ACLU’s Maine affiliate, features blogs from several members of the MCLU staff as well as guest bloggers. The blog posts feature MCLU’s resolute First Amendment court advocacy as well as discourses on criminal justice, national security, prisoner rights, privacy & technology, and racial justice.

The Torch - ACLU of Nevada Blog


This engaging blog sponsored by the ACLU Nevada is subtitled, “Bringing Civil Liberties to Light,” and highlights the affiliate’s advocacy and protection of the right and liberties of Nevadans. Postings include essays on the organization’s successful litigation of complex First Amendment issues and unwavering dedication to securing the protections of the United States and Nevada constitutions as well as the federal Bill of Rights.

Scottsboro Boys Exonerated, But Troubling Legacy Remains for Black Men
by ACLU of Nevada over 4 years ago

Cap City Liberty


Cap City Liberty is the blog of the Wisconsin affiliate of the ACLU and provides information and commentary on civil liberties issues in Madison and the state of Wisconsin. Voting rights are a prevailing topic, particularly in regards to the organization’s support and advocacy for the restoration of the right to vote for citizens with felony convictions who have been released from incarceration.

ACLU of Washington State Blog


This engaging blog is sponsored by ACLU’S Washington State affiliate which boasts 20,000 members. Blog posts feature civil liberties issues that impact Washington state citizens, e.g. demanding the protection of privacy for highway toll payments and challenging the filtering of Internet access for adult public library patrons.

The Hobby Lobby Decision: Imposing Religious Beliefs on Employees
by lrutman@aclu-wa.org almost 4 years ago
Yoko Gardiner: Mixing Batter and Defending the First Amendment
by misaacson almost 4 years ago

Disloyal Opposition


Subtitled, “Viewing the State with Disdain, No Matter Who is in Charge,” this blog is written by J.D. Tuccille, a civil liberties authority residing in Arizona. The blog covers a wide array of Constitution-related topics including drugs and prohibition, privacy, elections, free speech, and direct action.

Hey Overpriced Minimum Wage Workers, Your Robot Replacement Has Already Been Hired
by J.D. Tuccille almost 3 years ago
IRS Prone to Target Non-Profits Unfairly, Says Government Agency
by J.D. Tuccille almost 3 years ago

First Amendment Coalition


The First Amendment Coalition is a nonprofit public interest organization. This blog presents topics in support of the organization’s commitment to advancing Free Speech and Free Expression while opposing government secrecy and censorship of all kind.

Prop. 42 Background from the Legislative Analyst’s Office
by 1stamendmnt about 4 years ago
Virginia Supreme Court finds climate scientist’s e-mails private
by donal brown about 4 years ago

Fourth Amendment Blog


This blog is written by John Wesley Hall, a criminal defense lawyer in Little Rock, Arkansas. Its focus is the Search and Seizure provision of the Bill of Rights guaranteed in the Fourth Amendment.

The Libertarian Alliance Blog


This blog sponsored by the Libertarian Alliance, a British-based civil liberties think tank, is dedicated to “the principles of life, liberty, and property.” Top post titles include “The Five Rule of Propaganda…”; “Shutting Down English Civilization”; and “Review of the Atlas Shrugged Film.”

An Unfair Lot in Life?
by djwebb2010 over 2 years ago
Christianity and “the rich”
by Mustela nivalis over 3 years ago

Liberty's Lifeline


Written by Bill O’Connell, an active Tea Party member, this blog is intended as a call to action for increased citizen involvement in politics. Blog post titles include, “Social Security: Show Us the Money”; “John Boehner’s First Big Test”; and “It’s Time to Say Goodbye to the FCC.”

ObamaCare and Risk
by Bill O'Connell over 4 years ago

Philadelphia Freedom Blog


This blog features timely political information, along with original essays and commentary emphasizing human rights, civil liberties, and social justice. The blog’s author, Mary Shaw, is a Philadelphia-based writer, activist, and former area coordinator for Amnesty International.

Today would have been Brittany Maynard's 30th birthday
by Mary Shaw over 3 years ago
This week, the U.S. must answer to the world on torture
by Mary Shaw over 3 years ago

Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights


This compelling blog is sponsored by The University of Texas School of Law. The journal compiles and analyzes perspectives on civil liberties and civil rights from the legal community. Blog posts include “When Are Warrantless Car Searches OK?”; “Why Strict Construction and Originalism Cannot be a Moral Way of Interpreting the Constitution”; and “Speak English or Get Ticketed.”

The Seventh Amendment Advocate


The Seventh Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees individuals the right to a jury trial in civil suits that meet a monetary threshold. This blog, authored by Andrew Cochran, is intended to educate the public and policy makers on the erosion of the Seventh Amendment by recent key court decisions.

Pro-Seventh Amendment Conference on March 21 at Regent U. Law School
by Andrew Cochran over 4 years ago
Attend "The Unity Summit" to Promote Seventh Amendment Rights
by Andrew Cochran over 4 years ago

Rights and Remedies Blog


This instructive blog is written by Shannon Salter, an attorney completing her Masters of Law in Constitutional and Human Rights at the University of Toronto. The intent of this blog is to ensure that the rights promised to individuals by the Canadian constitution are protected, accessible, and guaranteed for all individuals.

ACLU of North Carolina Blog


This compelling blog, sponsored by the North Carolina affiliate of the ACLU, is a compilation of individual blog journals from present staff members. The topics highlight the affiliate’s areas of advocacy and support including ending the “school to prison pipeline,” eliminating the death penalty, and protecting the privacy and First Amendment rights of North Carolina consumers.

ACLU of Illinois Blog


This blog from the ACLU’s Illinois affiliate highlights the chapter’s advocacy in the Illinois courts and legislature. Featured articles include discourses on the affiliate’s opposition to racial profiling, the invasive placement of surveillance cameras throughout Chicago by law enforcement, and the prosecution of individuals, who record public conversations with police, for violation of Illinois’ eavesdropping law.

A Conversation With Trans Rights Activist Janet Mock
by Maude Carroll over 4 years ago
AT&T’s First Transparency Report Reveals Warrantless Demands for Customer Data
by Maude Carroll over 4 years ago

ACLU Blog of Rights


The ACLU is the leading civil liberties organization in the United States and serves as a model for civil liberties advocacy worldwide. This blog from the ACLU National Headquarters, subtitled “Because Freedom Can’t Blog Itself,” is a rich resource for Constitutional topics, principally those associated with the Bill of Rights guarantees.

How a Father Gets Deported for a Traffic Violation
by By Neema Singh Guliani, ACLU Washington Legislative Office about 4 years ago
The Perversity of Profiling
by By Laura W. Murphy, Director, ACLU Washington Legislative Office & Hina Shamsi, Director, ACLU National Security Project about 4 years ago

American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia


“Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty” is the resounding theme of this blog from the ACLU’s Virginia affiliate. Post topics reflect the affiliate’s vigorous defense of Free Speech, Freedom of the Press, the right to Peaceful Assembly, as well as other significant civil liberty issues.

Equal Pay Day is a Call to Action! Let’s Continue Working to Achieve Equal Pay for Women
by acluva about 4 years ago
Will Manassas use its Zoning Law Update to Undermine Reproductive Freedom?
by acluva about 4 years ago

Axxiom for Liberty


This impressive blog, subtitled, “How Free Do You Want to Be?” is authored by Kaye Beach, a full-time freedom activist committed to preserving the Bill of Rights protections and combating the post-911 threats to personal freedom instigated by government surveillance and controls. The driving force behind the blog is the author’s staunch belief in individual liberty and personal responsibility.

FortySix News: New Oklahoma REAL ID Meeting Set, Discussion Transcript Published
by Kaye Beach over 2 years ago
The Dirt on REAL ID
by Kaye Beach over 2 years ago

Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition


This blog is sponsored by the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition which was organized to protect civil liberties and rights in Montgomery County, Maryland. The blog is committed to providing information and initiating dialog in support of the passage of a Civil Rights Restoration Act aimed at protecting all citizens from violations related to arbitrary monitoring and surveillance, detention, search, and arrests by local law enforcement agencies.

MCCRC supports Del. Smith’s HB521bill restoring SWAT team reporting
by Thomas Nephew over 2 years ago
Marylanders show up in Annapolis for police reform – sheriffs, chiefs agree #NoOnRec23
by Thomas Nephew over 2 years ago

Secure Arkansas


This blog is sponsored by Secure Arkansas, a grassroots organization committed to the protection of Arkansas state sovereignty, the preservation and adherence to the state and federal Constitution, and the protection of civil liberties and personal rights. Topics include free markets, responsible government, and fiscal accountability.

Warning: Lead is Poisonous + Drinking Water Test Kits
by info@securearkansasnetwork.org (Secure Arkansas | SecureArkansasNetwork.org) over 2 years ago
Harrison, Arkansas – Another City Poisoned by LEAD!
by info@securearkansasnetwork.org (Secure Arkansas | SecureArkansasNetwork.org) over 2 years ago

Gamso -- For the Defense


Jeff, an Ohio defense lawyer, critiques his everyday activities in the court here. Ruminations on the death penalty are a primary focus in many posts.

26 and Counting
by Jeff Gamso over 2 years ago
A Modest Proposal
by Jeff Gamso over 2 years ago