Read along the “ramblings” of a patent attorney. The topics of BlawgIT are by no means limited or related to patent law—you’ll find a little of everything here.

Not So Fast – “Happy Birthday To You” May Not Be in the Public Domain
by Brett Trout over 2 years ago
Brett Trout Named Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers Fellow
by Brett Trout over 3 years ago

Future Lawyer


Future Lawyer focuses on technology and the law. Specifically, the blogger identifies gadgets that lawyers (and everyone else) use and how they might impact/be impacted by the law. Half law-related, half plain old technology fun, Future Lawyer is a great read!

Apple versus Samsung versus Apple
by rickgeorges over 2 years ago
Leap Day: You Really Don't Want To Know
by rickgeorges over 2 years ago

Legal Information Institute Announce


Cornell Law School’s blog. Contains lots of interesting information about cases currently going through the Supreme Court as well as other current legal topics.

Meet the Staff: It’s all Wayne’s work
by admin over 4 years ago
Meet our donors: Kristin Knudsen
by admin over 4 years ago

New Kid on the Hallway


Follow the life of a current law student as she makes her way from 0L to 3L and begins to study for the bar examination. Those considering applying to law school as well as current law students will learn many tips and tricks along the way.

My Shingle


Blogger Carolyn inspires those lawyers who prefer solo or small practices to follow their impulse. Recent law grads looking for more info on this decision are catered to here.

Make Money Monday: Host a Meet & Eat
by Carolyn Elefant over 2 years ago
Thank You Bustle for Recognizing That Solo Practice Can Be Part of an “Impressive” Legal Career
by Carolyn Elefant over 2 years ago

May It Please the Court


Blogger J.Craig Williams is an intensely passionate writer, having penned at least a little something every day for 25 years. That experience with the written word really shines through here, as each post crafted by this lawyer gleams with excellent prose. He focuses on relating the court-going life of a legal professional to his readers, discussing contemporary cases of note and his own experiences with judges, defendants and others.

Lawyers on Strike


This blog commences by stating a truth: how people perceive American legal practice, and the reality of it, are completely different ideas. Lawyers on Strike seeks to inject a bit more honesty into how the general public regards life in the law. It relates stories of injured, sympathetic plaintiffs being screwed by the court, lawyers' bar associations showing ineptitude. Anyone looking to look at the law through the retinae of those whose grapple with the system daily will be hooked in no time here.

Freak Show
by JMRJ about 3 years ago
Large Hadron Collider: Science Or Mysticism?
by JMRJ about 3 years ago

Cato @ Liberty


This scholarly blog is sponsored by the Cato Institute, a civil libertarian think tank dedicated to limited government, “individual liberty, free markets, and peace.” With daily entries the blog is a compelling resource for civil liberty expositions including religious speech in schools, the Transportation Security Administration’s security protocols, legal protections for citizen journalists recording on-duty law enforcement officers, and government searches.

He Is the Very Model of a Modern Retired Justice
by Ilya Shapiro about 4 years ago
Sentencing Reform and Clemency
by Tim Lynch about 4 years ago

MCLU Blogs


This blog from the Maine Civil Liberties Union (MCLU), the ACLU’s Maine affiliate, features blogs from several members of the MCLU staff as well as guest bloggers. The blog posts feature MCLU’s resolute First Amendment court advocacy as well as discourses on criminal justice, national security, prisoner rights, privacy & technology, and racial justice.

The Torch - ACLU of Nevada Blog


This engaging blog sponsored by the ACLU Nevada is subtitled, “Bringing Civil Liberties to Light,” and highlights the affiliate’s advocacy and protection of the right and liberties of Nevadans. Postings include essays on the organization’s successful litigation of complex First Amendment issues and unwavering dedication to securing the protections of the United States and Nevada constitutions as well as the federal Bill of Rights.

Scottsboro Boys Exonerated, But Troubling Legacy Remains for Black Men
by ACLU of Nevada over 4 years ago

Cap City Liberty


Cap City Liberty is the blog of the Wisconsin affiliate of the ACLU and provides information and commentary on civil liberties issues in Madison and the state of Wisconsin. Voting rights are a prevailing topic, particularly in regards to the organization’s support and advocacy for the restoration of the right to vote for citizens with felony convictions who have been released from incarceration.

ACLU of Washington State Blog


This engaging blog is sponsored by ACLU’S Washington State affiliate which boasts 20,000 members. Blog posts feature civil liberties issues that impact Washington state citizens, e.g. demanding the protection of privacy for highway toll payments and challenging the filtering of Internet access for adult public library patrons.

The Hobby Lobby Decision: Imposing Religious Beliefs on Employees
by lrutman@aclu-wa.org almost 4 years ago
Yoko Gardiner: Mixing Batter and Defending the First Amendment
by misaacson almost 4 years ago

Canadian Privacy Law


This blog is authored by a Canadian privacy lawyer and focuses on privacy laws. The blog is a great resource for information related to Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA).

Ontario court explicitly adopts new privacy tort: public disclosure of private facts
by David Fraser over 2 years ago
Presentation: Lawyers and social media
by David Fraser over 2 years ago

Committee to Protect Journalists


This blog is sponsored by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a nonprofit organization formed by United States foreign correspondents and journalists. The CPJ is committed to the promotion of a free press worldwide and to defending the rights of journalists to freely report without fear of reprisal. The CPJ not only reports on abuses against the press through its blog site, but also intervenes when local or foreign correspondents are in jeopardy.

Video: CPJ warns of impunity in Iraqi Kurdistan
by Sherif Mansour/CPJ Middle East and North Africa Program Coordinator about 4 years ago
A verbatim threat from Pakistan, and more
by Bob Dietz/CPJ Asia Program Coordinator about 4 years ago

Disloyal Opposition


Subtitled, “Viewing the State with Disdain, No Matter Who is in Charge,” this blog is written by J.D. Tuccille, a civil liberties authority residing in Arizona. The blog covers a wide array of Constitution-related topics including drugs and prohibition, privacy, elections, free speech, and direct action.

Hey Overpriced Minimum Wage Workers, Your Robot Replacement Has Already Been Hired
by J.D. Tuccille almost 3 years ago
IRS Prone to Target Non-Profits Unfairly, Says Government Agency
by J.D. Tuccille almost 3 years ago

First Amendment Coalition


The First Amendment Coalition is a nonprofit public interest organization. This blog presents topics in support of the organization’s commitment to advancing Free Speech and Free Expression while opposing government secrecy and censorship of all kind.

Prop. 42 Background from the Legislative Analyst’s Office
by 1stamendmnt about 4 years ago
Virginia Supreme Court finds climate scientist’s e-mails private
by donal brown about 4 years ago

First Amendment Watch


This intriguing blog highlights the First Amendment basic freedoms (religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition) featured in news reports, commentary, legal cases, and other areas. It is operated by the First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University.

First Amendment Center Archive
by Gene Policinski over 3 years ago
‘Cross at Ground Zero’: History lesson or state religion?
by Charles C. Haynes almost 4 years ago

Fourth Amendment Blog


This blog is written by John Wesley Hall, a criminal defense lawyer in Little Rock, Arkansas. Its focus is the Search and Seizure provision of the Bill of Rights guaranteed in the Fourth Amendment.

The Libertarian Alliance Blog


This blog sponsored by the Libertarian Alliance, a British-based civil liberties think tank, is dedicated to “the principles of life, liberty, and property.” Top post titles include “The Five Rule of Propaganda…”; “Shutting Down English Civilization”; and “Review of the Atlas Shrugged Film.”

An Unfair Lot in Life?
by djwebb2010 over 2 years ago
Christianity and “the rich”
by Mustela nivalis over 3 years ago

Liberty's Lifeline


Written by Bill O’Connell, an active Tea Party member, this blog is intended as a call to action for increased citizen involvement in politics. Blog post titles include, “Social Security: Show Us the Money”; “John Boehner’s First Big Test”; and “It’s Time to Say Goodbye to the FCC.”

ObamaCare and Risk
by Bill O'Connell over 4 years ago

Philadelphia Freedom Blog


This blog features timely political information, along with original essays and commentary emphasizing human rights, civil liberties, and social justice. The blog’s author, Mary Shaw, is a Philadelphia-based writer, activist, and former area coordinator for Amnesty International.

Today would have been Brittany Maynard's 30th birthday
by Mary Shaw over 3 years ago
This week, the U.S. must answer to the world on torture
by Mary Shaw over 3 years ago

Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights


This compelling blog is sponsored by The University of Texas School of Law. The journal compiles and analyzes perspectives on civil liberties and civil rights from the legal community. Blog posts include “When Are Warrantless Car Searches OK?”; “Why Strict Construction and Originalism Cannot be a Moral Way of Interpreting the Constitution”; and “Speak English or Get Ticketed.”