Renewable Energy Law Blog


As renewable energy becomes a more viable opportunity, this blog tracks how the law has adjusted to monitor it. The legal talk here is comprehensive yet always clear.

Becker's Environmental Law Update


Environmental politics and innovations are covered in Becker's blog. He is an Environmental Law Attorney from Iowa who analyzes case law as it pertains to the environment.

Over Lawyered


Perhaps the web's oldest law blog, Overlawyered critiques the current court's tendency to make litigation into a weapon. Schwarzenegger's latest foibles are recently highlighted.

EU demand: Americanize those cheese names
by Walter Olson over 4 years ago
In Florida, a clever money-maker
by Walter Olson over 4 years ago



Likely the most important legal blog around, everything related to the Supreme Court is analyzed and disseminated here. The Plain English feature translates the legalese to clear speech.

Petition of the day
by Maureen Johnston almost 4 years ago
SCOTUSblog on camera: Steven R. Shapiro (Part Two)
by Fabrizio di Piazza almost 4 years ago

Legal Ethics Forum


The Legal Ethics Forum is a top notch site, that covers court rulings with an eye toward ethical issues within. There's a ton of content here and there are some truly important issues covered as well.

"An Indiana Ethics Opinion That May Kill Legal Start Ups"
by John Steele about 4 years ago
Happy St. Expeditus Day
by Monroe Freedman about 4 years ago



Want to know about bicycling laws in Michigan? M-Bike is a great resource for everyone from the avid cycler to even drivers who need to know more about bikes on the roads.

Evolution of the Wheel
by Todd Scott over 4 years ago
Woodward Transit Community Meetings this week
by Todd Scott over 4 years ago

Hawaii Senate Watchdog


A watchdog blog that follows all the bills passed by Hawaiian legislation. If you want to learn more about laws in Hawaii, visit this site.

Auction Law


Auction Law is a great blog about auctions in various states. If you ever want to get involved in an auction or visit one, find out about the process and the different laws that apply.

Ethics, Plagerism or Scam?
by Auction Law almost 4 years ago
Ethics, Plagerism or Scam?
by Auction Law almost 4 years ago

Of Arms & the Law


The title says it all: This blog focuses on the legal side of bearing arms. Law review articles and recommended sites make this a must-read for any gun owner. Blogger David Hardy makes sure you know your rights when it comes to owning a firearm.

Brady sues to force "smart gun" requirements in NJ
about 4 years ago
That's got to hurt...
about 4 years ago

Gun Watch


Blogger John Ray makes it his job to keep the public informed on gun laws. If you own a gun or want to, understand the new laws being passed by visiting this blog!

TX: Charges Dropped in Lubbock Homicide Case
by Dean Weingarten over 2 years ago
CA: San Francisco Police Chief Offers to Have his Officerws Test "Smart Guns"
by Dean Weingarten over 2 years ago

The Empowered Paralegal


The Empowered Paralegal is for the paralegal people by paralegal people and contains what paralegal people need in order to be well informed and exceedingly productive. This blog site has been chosen to be one of our top 5 as it is an unlimited source of vital information.

Cause of Action Handbook now available .
by admin almost 4 years ago
Lawyer Applies for Paralegal Position
by R. E. Mongue almost 4 years ago

Animal Blawg


The Animal Blawg is written by a law professor who specializes in animal cruelty law, both in the United States and around the world. Many of his posts are written by guest bloggers or are links from popular news sources, so anyone looking for more information on animals in the legal system will find plenty of information on this site.

NY State Bar Association Student Writing Competition
by David over 2 years ago
Don’t Be Cruel (Anymore): A Look at the Animal Cruelty Regimes of the United States and Brazil with a Call for a New Animal Welfare Agency
by David over 2 years ago

Connecticut Employment Law Blog


If you work in Connecticut, this is a blog that you need to read through. Blogger Daniel A. Schwartz goes into great detail every law that involves you, the worker, to better understand your rights in the work place.

“Ban the Box” Bill Would Also Protect Felons From Discrimination
by Daniel Schwartz over 2 years ago
Hostile Work Environment Creator, Equal Opportunity Offender or Something Else?
by Daniel Schwartz over 2 years ago



Lawsome is a great blog about the funny laws that states actually pass. A constantly updated blog featuring very real and very funny laws from all over the country!

Massachusetts Law Updates


This blog really lives up to its name because it's always updated and covers every new law in the state of Massachusetts. You'll want to visit this blog before you visit the state to find out what lawmakers are up to!

This Blog Has Moved
by Meg over 3 years ago
Sculpture in the Courthouse and the Law Library
by Barbara from Berkshire Law Library over 3 years ago



NOLO is an all around good site for everything law related. Whether you're looking for specific laws in specific states or you are in need of legal advice, NOLO can and will help!

Law Student Blog


Written by a former law student for those considering law school. Covers an expanse of topics, ranging from how to talk to your parents about going to law school, to how to study for exams.

Accident Compensation Claim Solicitors
by admin about 4 years ago
No Win No Fee Personal Injury Cases Really Do Exist
by admin over 4 years ago

Brian Leiter's Law School Reports


“News and views about legal academia and the legal profession” written by two law professors. Law School Reports offers posts concerning all elements of legal academia, including new dean announcements, highlights of law schools in the media, and a fair amount of legal humor.

Texas A&M Law School (formerly Texas Wesleyan) names L&E scholar Andrew Morriss as new Dean
by Brian Leiter about 4 years ago
ATL's approach to ranking law schools: decide what the result should be, then adjust the criteria accordingly
by Brian Leiter about 4 years ago

Law Cents


All the things a law student wished they knew before law school! A law school blog with an economical twist, the blogger shares not only tips and tricks for academics, but also cheap deals of interest to those in the law.