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As its title suggests, this blog explores legal and practical issues related to divorce, custody, and familial arrangement. Categories on the blog include taxes, property division, alimony, and child custody. There is also a great selection of recommended books pertaining to divorce.

Teen Sues Parents for Financial Support and Tuition
by Lina Guillen over 4 years ago
The DOJ Extends Federal Benefits to Same-Sex Spouses
by Lina Guillen over 4 years ago

NY Uncontested Divorce Attorney


NY Uncontested Divorce Attorney was founded by a New York lawyer who wanted to make the legal system more accessible and inexpensive for his clients. The Law Office of David Centeno, PLLC--of which this blog is a product of--offers the care, attention, and competence clients demand at a rate they can afford.

The Smart Divorce Weblog


This blog was created to inform, educate and empower people to think about all aspects of divorce, from the emotional and legal aspects of divorce to parenting, dating, creating a better life post-divorce and more. Tips, ideas, and information about divorce are offered throughout the blog.

Missouri Divorce & Family Law Blog


This blog examines the legal issues surrounding divorces and the following separation of assets. Whether readers are interested in the therapeutic or legal side of mediation, the information here will grow anyone's understanding of the process of divorce itself.

60 day Notice required for relocation, not Motion to Modify
by Kansas City Divorce Attorney Mark Wortman about 4 years ago
Unequal Division of Marital Property Appropriate in Some Circumstances
by Kansas City Divorce Attorney Mark Wortman about 4 years ago

Atlanta Divorce Attorney Blog


If you are an Atlanta resident looking for a divorce attorney or are someone interested in divorce law in Atlanta, take a look at this blog. The blog is published by Meriwether & Tharp, LLC, which specializes in legal representation for divorce, family law, child support, alimony, equitable divorce, and contempt and modifications in Atlanta and Georgia.

Celebrity Divorce - Ice Skater Johnny Weir
about 4 years ago
Celebrity Family Law Chronicles: Simon Cowell
about 4 years ago

Arizona Family Law News


A team of attorneys specializing in Arizona family law share legal information pertaining to divorce and other family law issues. Some of the posts highlight notable divorce cases or instances of divorce in the news.

Las Vegas Family Law Blog


If you are considering filing for divorce or are already involved in a family law matter, including adoption, you want an experienced lawyer to protect your rights. Pecos Law Group--the publishers of this blog--have made it their philosophy to protect client legal rights and offer moral and legal support.



A comprehensive law site. With everything from contact information for all 50 states to legal advice. HG is a great site for someone interested in learning more about laws.

Know the Laws that Prohibit Employment Discrimination on the Basis of Sex
almost 4 years ago
Lessor Beware: Estoppel by Deed in Oil and Gas Leases Comes to Pennsylvania
almost 4 years ago



Reese Witherspoon's ditzy-genius performance in Legally Blonde has inspired a new generation of law school candidates who might previously have never considered taking up the bar one day. Ace the LSAT acknowledges that this bar is, and always will be, set high, but at the same time it provides an enviable trove of tips designed to help readers master the exam. Visitors can also use the blog to coordinate and schedule a day-by-day study plan tailored to their test-taking date.

How I Changed My Understanding Of The LSAT
by Steve Schwartz over 2 years ago
How Hannah increased her LSAT score from 144 to 163 + got into UVA
by Steve Schwartz over 2 years ago

The Law Street Journal


A law school blog for everyone—prospective law students, current attendees and graduates. The Law Street Journal separates its content by audience: Applicants, 1L/2L, 3L, and Dissenting Opinions, which is a humorous column containing "tales of woe" from current law students. This setup makes it easy to locate your desired content.

March Madness: Is Your Office Pool Illegal?
by Christy about 4 years ago
Studying Law in India- A Student’s Perspective
by Pranusha Kulkarni over 4 years ago



The “lawyering survival guide” for all facets of a legal career. Tips on how to succeed in law school, ace your exams, polish your resume, land a great job, or even start your own firm, you'll find it all here!

5 Fonts Courts Use Besides Times New Roman
by Sam Glover over 3 years ago
Keep Your Data Safe While Skyping, Chatting, and Using Your Smartphone
by Lisa Needham over 3 years ago

Law Student


Outlines, Exams, Tools & Tips for pre-law and current law students can all be found at the Law Student Blog. Law Student contains nearly everything a law student might ever need know—from application tips to common law school mistakes to bar exam studying guidelines.

Priorities During Your First-Year of Law School
by Law Student almost 4 years ago
How to Make It to the Top of Your Class in Law School
by Law Student almost 4 years ago

Nursing Law & Order


A special look at legal stuff for nurses. LaTonia Denise Wright blogs about law, legalities, and common legal issues that nurses face today.

Regulatory Compliance and the Nurse Business Owner
by Nursing Law Bandit about 4 years ago

Life of a Law Student


Life of a Law Student contains heavy legal material, akin to what current and prospective students encounter during law school. The blog aims to demystify these topics and to make the material free and accessible to all.

Court-Appointed Ad Litem: Are They Helpful?
by admin over 4 years ago
Bag the “Ag Gag” Bills
by admin over 4 years ago

Student Perspectives


Many students contribute to Yale's Law School blog, weighing in on a variety of subjects. From juggling life as an actor and law student, to choosing classes, these posts are all regularly updated, and well written.

Life at Law: University of Oregon School of Law


Blogging from Eugene, OR, eleven students describe life at law school. Read about such topics as film festivals, conferences, and the great outdoors.

Startup Company Law


Stay on the friendly side of legal relations with this site's exceptionally important advice. Issues with the law regularly surface with startups; steer clear of them here.

Is Title III Equity Crowdfunding Going to Work?
by Joe Wallin almost 4 years ago
How to Design for Humans
by Joe Wallin almost 4 years ago

Utah State Law Library


Utah State Law Library is a great blog with a lot of information about state laws. This blog has everything you need to know about the laws of Utah.

Environmental Issues in the Transportation Sector


Environmental law is the focus of this blog. Legal concerns posed by environmental issues are the main stories here.

Climate Change Attorney Blog


With a New York slant, the blog offers regulations and litigation sections for the reader. On top of this, the blog offers national and worldwide news coverage on a wide ranging list of topics.

House of Representatives Votes to Bar Defense Spending on Impacts of Climate Change
about 4 years ago
Government Releases Climate Change Viewer
about 4 years ago