Ed Rosenthal


The self-proclaimed Guru of Ganja writes at once ferociously and with gracious tact on the touchy subject of medical marijuana and the national moves to get it legalized. He frequently composes pieces on people who happen to be unfairly burned or disenfranchised because of the conflict between supporters of the drug and the government. Fans of weed, medical and otherwise, can find a ton of fodder to launch meaningful discussion thanks to Rosenthal's rhetoric.

by Ed Rosenthal over 4 years ago
by Ed Rosenthal over 4 years ago



This blog specifically focuses on improving the experience of women in the legal profession. It provides lady lawyers with fashion and lifestyle counsel for balanced living.

AT&T Family Phone Plans
by Hassan over 2 years ago
AT&T Prepaid Phone Plans
by Hassan over 2 years ago

ESA Blawg


This is the only blog on the net dedicated specifically to following the aftermath of the enactment of the Endangered Species Act and the current challenges facing its enforcement. The ESA Blawg has more of an academic tone, and seeks out news articles that most other blogs and news outlets ignore.

ACLU of Michigan Blog


This blog is sponsored by the ACLU’s Michigan affiliate. One of its most captivating features is the “Your Weekly Rights Review,” a weekly summation of current civil liberties topics and developments in the Michigan region. The affiliate is very active in the courts and, for example, has presented vehement arguments in federal courts challenging the constitutionality of Michigan law requiring that juveniles that commit certain crimes receive mandatory sentences of life without possibility for parole.

Democracy Watch: Bankruptcy Pivot Point
over 4 years ago
Marriage Matters: We're not buying "just doing my job"
over 4 years ago

Diesel Civil Trust - The Information Paradox


The impetus for this engaging blog is the unprecedented availability of information over the last two decades due to the ever-widening reach and breadth of the Internet. The blogger’s concern is the paradox between the tremendous benefits derived from access to nearly unlimited information and the immense potential for harm if that same information is accessed and used by authorities and/or criminals to violate our expectations of privacy.

A More Perfect Blog


This informative blog is sponsored by the Bill of Rights Institute, an organization committed to providing United States Constitution and Bill of Rights information and educational resources for high school students and educators. Post topics include “The Forgotten Story of The Bill of Rights”; “The Tragedy in Oklahoma”;” Octavius v Catto”; and “Religious Liberty and the Public Schools.”

Save the Internet


This fascinating blog is sponsored by The SavetheInternet.com Coalition an organization formed to protect a free and open Internet. The coalition seeks to prevent large telephone and cable companies from becoming “Internet gatekeepers” that, by regulating content providers and favoring their own search engines, effectively eliminate the guiding principles of “Net Neutrality.”

Environmental Law and Litigation


The author of the Environmental Law and Litigation blog is a leader for women interested in the intersection of law and business. This blog offers information about a variety of legal issues affecting businesses of all size.

Development Charges Act: funding for transit and recycling
by Paula Boutis over 2 years ago
Significant changes to Planning Act coming
by Paula Boutis over 2 years ago

Defending People


Criminal defense lawyering is considered for all its highs and lows here. Anyone considering taking up this particular legal career receives a stream of honest opinion.

The Ethics of Decolletage
by Mark Bennett over 4 years ago
Dirty-Talk Statute Dead in Texas, and a Misquote
by Mark Bennett over 4 years ago

Expert Witness


Attorneys and legal professionals flock to this blog when they need to find a great financial-fraud mind. It also details the latest trials that have utilized economic pros.

Industrial Psychology Expert Witness On Employment Testing
over 4 years ago
Pulmonary Medicine Expert Witness On Benefits Of Medical Expert Part 2
over 4 years ago

Nano Law Report


The Nano Law Report features an examination of legal issues surrounding the use of nanotechnology. In such a burgeoning field, legal issues are common and John Monica seeks to address them on his blog

Citizens Opposing Prohibition


This blog seeks to color the drug conflict not in terms of druglords and deaths, but rather of respectable people realizing their rights. It asks for regulation along with legalization.

COP on the Hill: Stories from the week of April 11, 2014
by hiwayhowie over 4 years ago
COP on the Hill: Stories from the week of April 4, 2014
by hiwayhowie over 4 years ago

Medical Cannabis: Voices from the Frontlines


Hear from the preeminent crusaders in the drug legalization movement on this site. They seek to promote the life-restoring capacities of cannabis.

CO Medical Marijuana Lawyer


This lawyer in Colorado is fighting with the law on his site to promote legalization. He tracks his efforts with elegance and efficiency on his site here.

Science of Social Harms


This blog seeks explore the societal ramifications of drug use, including medical weed. It shows both sides, both for and against, in the struggle to legalize.

Solutions to Crime, Part 1: Peacekeeping Canada
by John Anderson over 4 years ago

Marijuana Lawyer


Many weed supporters have fought the law, only for the law to win. Now a lawman himself takes up his bid to help further the cause of legalization in his community.

Colorado May Be Tightening Rules for Edibles
almost 4 years ago
Rising Trend: Marijuana Growing and Business Schools
almost 4 years ago

Med Law Blog


Occasionally, you may wonder about the legality of a given tool or technique employed by your doctor. Learn a little of what's just and what's not on this site.

AMA Issues New Telemedicine Policy
by Michael Cassidy about 4 years ago
St. Clair Hospital named Truven Top 100
by Michael Cassidy about 4 years ago

Divorce Lawyers Directory


If you are looking for a divorce lawyer in your area, you'll definitely want to check out this blog, which functions as both a directory and a guide to divorce and divorce-related legal matters. The consumer-friendly blog can be used as a central resource to answer your questions about divorce.

Maryland Divorce Legal Crier


This blog presents news and comments about divorce, child support and custody, alimony, family law, and other legal information pertaining to the state of Maryland. The blog is authored by mediator, collaborative lawyer, and arbitrator James J. Gross.

Divorce Quotes
by James J. Gross over 2 years ago
Thinking About Divorce
by James J. Gross over 2 years ago