Knit and Tonic


We love the book reviews, awesome photos, and doses of every day life at this blog. The patterns are hot too - be sure to check out the Sizzle tank!

De-Stash, Second Installment of a Gazillion
by Wendy about 4 years ago
Let the De-stash for Fancy Nancy Begin!
by Wendy about 4 years ago



At this blog, you’ll find posts all about knitting and some about tatting too. We love the patterns and original designs – the Jae Buckle Tank especially rocks.

Spinning Alpaca Yarns


Here you'll find easy patterns, portable projects, new product announcements and more. Thanks to this blog, we were able to snag a free digital copy of Knitting Magazine's 100th issue - sweet!



Ivete posts finished projects, WIPs, and patterns. Check out the free Eva Clutch pattern – it’s a quick knit you’re sure to love.

Moved my blog!
by Ivete Tecedor over 4 years ago
November's featured pattern
by knittingpatterns4you over 4 years ago

Knit Quest


Here, you’ll find updates on new patterns, along with a splash of daily life. Book reviews, tips, swaps, and yarns are just a few of the other topics covered.

Yarn Nation


Here is where you’ll find all the updates from the Duchess of Yarn Nation. She posts her finished projects, and those of friends, along with gorgeous fibers.

Knit and Knag


We love everything this blog has to offer, from beautiful lace work to fingerless mitts. Be sure to check out the Rhinebeck photos while you’re there.

Mystic Supernova clue 1
by Anna about 4 years ago
Mystic Supernova Swatch
by Anna over 4 years ago

Knitting Kninja


The Knitting Kninja will inspire you to create your own fabulous knitted objects. Knitters of any skill level are sure to find a pattern they love here.

Your Mom Goes to College: on getting what we want
by Kristen over 4 years ago
Review: Zealana Air Marle
by Kristen over 4 years ago

Yarn Mistrys


The free patterns alone make this blog a must read. We really like the Cockshell Camisole and Summer Tabi Anklets.

The Sweatshop of Love


The Sweatshop of Love celebrates every aspect of knitting - from finding a pattern to finishing a project. I publish my own patterns, share everything on my needles, teach knitting classes, and help knitters of all skill levels get excited about knitting. Never snobby, I use creativity and ingenuity to create finished projects for less.

FO: A Neon Plaidscape!
by Allyson over 4 years ago
New Pattern! Down Arm Warmers
by Allyson over 4 years ago



Knitnscribble writes about free pattern links for knit and crochet projects for adults, children and babies, and highlights new patterns of interest to all knitters and crocheters. Search knitnscribble for your next perfect project!

Valentines Day hearts, every stitch says 'I love you'
by Sharon Watterson over 4 years ago
Oliver Fox cushion and other free toy patterns by Amanda Berry
by Sharon Watterson over 4 years ago

Handmade by Stefanie


Compulsive crafting in Chicago - knitting, spinning & and the odd bit of crochet plus my original designs. Occasional product reviews and general tomfoolery abound, too!

WIP Wednesday: Back to Yak
by stefanie g-r over 2 years ago
Enabling: DIY Odyssey Cowl Kit
by stefanie g-r over 2 years ago

Maxwell's Mommy


I post patterns for knitting, recipes, baby item reviews, giveaways, and general everyday life stuff. I also post deals I find on the net and things that I am interested in. There is a little bit of everything included in this blog even some politics and crime drama.

Lambert Diet Plan
by AG over 4 years ago
Is P90x3 Worth It?
by AG over 4 years ago



Donna Druchunas the author of Arctic Lace, Successful Lace Knitting, Ethnic Knitting and Kitty Knits. We have FREE patterns, latest knitting news, books for sale as well as other knitting products in our store (coming 2/1/2012). Donna Druchunas is a Teacher, Designer, and Author. Come by and visit Sheeptoshawl.com.

Summer Sock KAL: Yarn, yarn yarn!
by Donna Druchunas almost 4 years ago
Summer Sock KAL: Arranging Sts on Ndls
by Donna Druchunas almost 4 years ago

Isola Lily


A blog that springs from my love for yarn and knitting. I share my inspiration and my ambitions in making my own designs, mostly of knitwear for babies and toddlers.

Classy knit bags
by Isola Lily about 4 years ago
Knits I luuuuve
by Isola Lily about 4 years ago

Knits, Bits & Pics


Just another girl with a blog... writing about knitting projects, posting photos from my journeys and what I like to call "food p0rn" This blog is where I post my original knitting designs, photography and recipes.



dyod*Studio by Kerrie James blog is dedicated to the hand made home life. Topics include knitting, spinning, weaving, crochet, sewing, design, baking/cooking, family life and more such as Reviews and giveaways.

What's That They Say About Good Intentions?
by Kerrie over 4 years ago
Easing Back In
by Kerrie almost 5 years ago



A Biochemist's Knitting Perspective. ChemKnits was born in 2008 to combine Rebecca's love for knitting and science. In early 2011, Rebecca earned her PhD in Biological Chemistry. Her passion for science is a source of inspiration for the free knitting patterns she offers at ChemKnits. Keeping lab notebooks for years helped her create a great format for yarn dyeing tutorials and other video tutorials of different knit stitches.

DK Market Bag
by Rebecca Brown over 2 years ago
Frozen - A Sweater for Lucky
by Rebecca Brown over 2 years ago

That's Woolly Something


A knitting blog for the knitting and felting enthusiast. I have a collection of pattern designs including pumpkins, snowmen, acorns and more! I love to share photos and tips and recipes in my blog. Come check it out!

a sweet valentine treat
by Marie Mayhew over 2 years ago
book review: 'cause I felt like it
by Marie Mayhew over 2 years ago