Knit Me Happy


Knitting and fiber art fun. Follow along the knitting and spinning journey of a self proclaimed geek and military wife. Product, book, and pattern reviews, useful tips and tricks, knitting fun, spinning, and more. Occasional videos and giveaways too!

Episode 44 - Hail and Farewell
by Rachel Frank over 4 years ago
Episode 43 - Home Sweet Home
by Rachel Frank over 4 years ago

knits & more


I only started knitting about two years ago, and love the challenges. - Follow me along my progess, including patterns, designs, tutorials, video-tutorials, etc. And all of this in english and german! PS. Please be so kind and boost my blog! Thanks so much! xo

IPhonecase – use your leftover yarn
by Claudia over 2 years ago
How to make a pretty stitchmarker
by Claudia over 2 years ago

The Bird House Blog


Hello, I am Melanie Bird and I am an artist living on the east coast in Wilmington, DE. My primary love, right now, is knitting but I dabble in quilting, watercolors, gardening and cooking. I generally shop flea markets and thrift shops out of necessity and I love old Ironstone. I am married with 4 grown male children and am currently seeking to adopt some little girls from Haiti. I have 3 lovely daughters-in-law, 1 girl friend and 4 grandchildren (2 boys, 2 girls)To find out more about me visit my shop on etsy;Cotton Ginnie Studio.

Five Cats From Crazy


I am a girl who loves to always be busy. Whether it be crafting, cooking, gardening I have a passion for creating and redoing my surroundings. Fiber is my friend, as I am definitely a knitter-spinner-sewer-aholic. Friends call me Martha-freakin'-Stewart/Betty-damn-Crocker, which I consider to be a high compliment.

by Dina over 3 years ago
Porch Knitting
by Dina over 3 years ago

A Yarn over Needles


My blog aims to highlight the wonderful quality and versatility of pure Shetland wool. It is also predominantly based around the traditions of the Shetland Isles, where knitwear, Shetland wool, weaving and other exciting textiles are produced.

Demi Galore Knits


It's a new blog but plan to chronicle all my knitting and crocheting works plus future patterns. And a story or two.

Preemies and Newborns


This blog encourages knit and crochet donations for preemies and at-risk newborns in the NICUs of Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville, Baptist South in St Johns, and Joe DiMaggio Children's in Hollywood, Florida.



I’ll write about knitting, crochet, spinning and other fiber arts. I will be sharing patterns, and posting pictures of my work. I’m not an expert at anything, but I do like to keep my hands and brain busy. I am retired from paid labor, as I have osteoarthritis. I do spend my winters in a wheel chair. I learn alot from you, my readers and listeners. I go to youtube, and try out new knitting, crochet or spinning techniques, and I try to share my triumphs as they come.

Don’t Decrease Hair! Read These Guidelines!
by Martin about 4 years ago
Why The Requirements For Good SEO In Sydney Are Constantly Changing
by Martin about 4 years ago

A Yarn Addict


This blog will focus on the knitting craft and everything that surrounds it. Buying yarn, knitting books and notions. Comments on knitting patterns and reviews on yarns and books will occur.

The Hedonistic Knitter


A passionate, self-taught knitter and former knitting instructor blogs about her projects and the knitting life.



A blog about a girl with a not so perfect life and her witty creations.

The Painted Knitter


The Painted Knitter turns a slightly crass eye on all things related to sharp sticks and squishable yarn. Besides discussing ongoing projects, product reviews and tutorials are posted as often as Stephanie can be bothered to put down her beer.

Sergio Cortes Is Michael Jackson’s Double
by Laura Coburn almost 3 years ago
Purina PetCare and Some Interesting News
by Laura Coburn almost 3 years ago

Knitters' Restaurant


"Where life is knitting and knitting is good.' is the tagline. this blog is about the world of knitting and crochet and how everything else exists around it.

A Life That’s Good
by beverly over 2 years ago
A Brand New World
by beverly over 2 years ago

Knitty Gritty Whistler


A little bit of everything from the knitting world. Local and global news, weird and wacky knits from the web, pattern & yarn reviews, personal projects and more! All from the unique mind of Anna Lynch, leader of Whistlers knitting revolution

snowflakes on our tongues


louisa :: simple living :: knitting :: making :: photography :: homeschooling :: nesting :: nourishing :: unravelling :: I studied textile design and fashion at the Royal College of Art in London and then designed knitwear professionally until I had my first daughter in 2002, when my attention turned to raising children and I have spent the last ten years homeschooling, knitting for myself (and them) and living a simple life in the mountains of the French Alps.

deer came
by Louisa over 4 years ago
by Louisa over 4 years ago

Knit Whatcha Got


One woman's attempt to knit every last yard of yarn in her house while juggling a full time job, a mini farm and her first pregnancy.

Salt Spring Strings


Tips and tricks for getting the best results from some of knitting's most popular patterns. Free patterns and fun contests! And a little bit of foody goodness!