A Biochemist's Knitting Perspective. ChemKnits was born in 2008 to combine Rebecca's love for knitting and science. In early 2011, Rebecca earned her PhD in Biological Chemistry. Her passion for science is a source of inspiration for the free knitting patterns she offers at ChemKnits. Keeping lab notebooks for years helped her create a great format for yarn dyeing tutorials and other video tutorials of different knit stitches.

DK Market Bag
by Rebecca Brown over 2 years ago
Frozen - A Sweater for Lucky
by Rebecca Brown over 2 years ago

The Hedonistic Knitter


A passionate, self-taught knitter and former knitting instructor blogs about her projects and the knitting life.

Leona's Midlife Crisis


My musings, rantings, and semi-coherent ramblings about knitting, golf, and anything else that comes to me. Some call it entertaining; I call it therapy.

Lismi Knits


With this blog you don't only get insights and news about Chrisiane Burkhard designs but also find patterns, tutorials, projects, KAL's and other things which make the life of a knitter more interesting.

Indie Design-Gift-A-Long 2015
by LISMI over 2 years ago
Flower of Cebu
by LISMI about 4 years ago



A blog about a girl with a not so perfect life and her witty creations.

The Sweaty Knitter


A blog of someone who's life has been long interwoven with fiber arts. The blog includes instructions, hints for all knitters of all skills, and pictures. I was never taught by written patterns but through imitation and oral instruction from my grandmother. My grandmother (b./d. Flekkefjord, Norway), spoke only Norwegian, so my knitting has a definite Scandinavian flavor. I look forward to hearing from and exchanging ideas with other fiber enthusiasts (sweaty or otherwise).

Flying Under the Radar, Part 4
by sweatyknitter over 4 years ago
Flying Under the Radar, Part 3
by sweatyknitter over 4 years ago



Ludicraft centers around a crafting lifestyle of a nerdy photographer. I also feature other crafty endeavors, such as beading and sewing.

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue Auction Results
by Jennifer Dixon over 4 years ago
Review: West Earl Woolen Mill
by Jennifer Dixon over 4 years ago

The Painted Knitter


The Painted Knitter turns a slightly crass eye on all things related to sharp sticks and squishable yarn. Besides discussing ongoing projects, product reviews and tutorials are posted as often as Stephanie can be bothered to put down her beer.

Sergio Cortes Is Michael Jackson’s Double
by Laura Coburn almost 3 years ago
Purina PetCare and Some Interesting News
by Laura Coburn almost 3 years ago



The crafty Blog of ZigoZago, Artisan Wool and Fresh Fabric. We are a bit obsessed with hand dyed yarns and wicked patterns....

by zigozagocraft over 3 years ago
by zigozagocraft over 3 years ago



The blog is all things knitting, including; knitting, memoir, lifestyle, patterns, stories, knitting experience, apparel, designs, product review, family, growing up, learning how to knit.

Knitters' Restaurant


"Where life is knitting and knitting is good.' is the tagline. this blog is about the world of knitting and crochet and how everything else exists around it.

A Life That’s Good
by beverly over 2 years ago
A Brand New World
by beverly over 2 years ago

Ridiculous Knits


Foul-mouther knitter and wise cracking smart ass. Hand-dyer, lover of the laciest of shawls, the rarest of English rare breed wools and rarely to be taken seriously. Not your average knitting blog

Knitty Gritty Whistler


A little bit of everything from the knitting world. Local and global news, weird and wacky knits from the web, pattern & yarn reviews, personal projects and more! All from the unique mind of Anna Lynch, leader of Whistlers knitting revolution

snowflakes on our tongues


louisa :: simple living :: knitting :: making :: photography :: homeschooling :: nesting :: nourishing :: unravelling :: I studied textile design and fashion at the Royal College of Art in London and then designed knitwear professionally until I had my first daughter in 2002, when my attention turned to raising children and I have spent the last ten years homeschooling, knitting for myself (and them) and living a simple life in the mountains of the French Alps.

deer came
by Louisa over 4 years ago
by Louisa over 4 years ago

Knit Whatcha Got


One woman's attempt to knit every last yard of yarn in her house while juggling a full time job, a mini farm and her first pregnancy.

Salt Spring Strings


Tips and tricks for getting the best results from some of knitting's most popular patterns. Free patterns and fun contests! And a little bit of foody goodness!

That's Woolly Something


A knitting blog for the knitting and felting enthusiast. I have a collection of pattern designs including pumpkins, snowmen, acorns and more! I love to share photos and tips and recipes in my blog. Come check it out!

a sweet valentine treat
by Marie Mayhew over 2 years ago
book review: 'cause I felt like it
by Marie Mayhew over 2 years ago

St Edmund's Knit and Crochet group, Downham Market, Norfolk


St Edmund's Knit and Crochet Group formed at the end of Jan 2012, the idea of a few members of the church congregation (who like knitting and crocheting!). We held an inital evening, and were pleased with the interest. Since then, we have met every second Tuesday morning of the month at 10am and every last Tuesday evening of the month at 7.30pm. We have two distinct groups but the overlap is becoming more blurred with the lighter evenings. We would love to welcome you at our sessions. Bring a friend or two! We meet at St Edmund's Church Hall, entrance is free, we just give a donation to cover the cost of (real) coffee and biscuits.

Christmas Meal 2013
by Sheila WB over 4 years ago

Urban Mouse to a Country House


I moved to a Cape Cod island, and now chronicle life among "Yankees." In between posts, I split my time designing and felting hats, writing, caring for 3 cats, 2 dogs and a commuting husband, and apparently making a habit of breaking personal body parts while trying to walk upright lol. Follow the fun and troubles I manage to get myself into, dealing with my endearingly eccentric, knitterly New England life.

Yoo Hoo! I'm Over Here!
by Inky077 over 3 years ago
Sunday Cooking to Knit/Veg Out By - Super Bowl Sunday - What? You Were Expecting Chili?
by Inky077 over 4 years ago