Five Cats From Crazy


I am a girl who loves to always be busy. Whether it be crafting, cooking, gardening I have a passion for creating and redoing my surroundings. Fiber is my friend, as I am definitely a knitter-spinner-sewer-aholic. Friends call me Martha-freakin'-Stewart/Betty-damn-Crocker, which I consider to be a high compliment.

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Porch Knitting
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Knitting all the time! That's what I like to do! Knitting projects, some original designs and lots of talk about yarn!



Knitting all the time! That's what I love to do! Discussions about knitting projects, patterns and yarn. Occasionally,I design original patterns,have product reviews, tutorials and product give-aways.

Rainbowalong 2016
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Presidents’ Day Giveaway
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A Yarn over Needles


My blog aims to highlight the wonderful quality and versatility of pure Shetland wool. It is also predominantly based around the traditions of the Shetland Isles, where knitwear, Shetland wool, weaving and other exciting textiles are produced.



Craftsy Knits brings everything about knitting on to one page. I started Craftsy Knits as a way to give women, men, and even children an opportunity to teach themselves how to knit. Knitting is a a visual craft and beginners will learn best when they actually see it for themselves.



dyod*Studio by Kerrie James blog is dedicated to the hand made home life. Topics include knitting, spinning, weaving, crochet, sewing, design, baking/cooking, family life and more such as Reviews and giveaways.

What's That They Say About Good Intentions?
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Easing Back In
by Kerrie almost 5 years ago

Demi Galore Knits


It's a new blog but plan to chronicle all my knitting and crocheting works plus future patterns. And a story or two.

The Yarn Art Cafe


The Yarn Art Cafe is a place where Knit happens. I am a knit and crochet instructor at Michaels Arts and Crafts in Burlington, WA. This is a blog about Knitting, Crochet, and Yarn. I share my personal projects, free patterns and tutorials, and information about classes that I offer. Discover Knit and Crochet with me today!

Silly Glasses!!!
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Preemies and Newborns


This blog encourages knit and crochet donations for preemies and at-risk newborns in the NICUs of Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville, Baptist South in St Johns, and Joe DiMaggio Children's in Hollywood, Florida.

The Gauge Wars


i lost the knitting battle. i became obsessed. i am determined to win the gauge war so at least my knitting fits... In this blog I chronicle my knitting experiences and attempt to keep my sanity while trying to raise 4 children.

Ponchos, Socks, and Parenting...
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Are Ponchos Totally Out of Style?!?
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Seriously, Do It Yourself!


This site strives to help create a "basis of knowledge" for knitters by giving them simple visual exercises, formulas, and common sense tools for debugging everyday pattern problems unaided. It's for anyone who wants to become a more self-sufficient and aware knitter, anyone who is tired of waiting for a response from a yarn company, magazine, or online designer, or anyone tired of feeling helpless when a pattern goes wrong.

Bad Knitting


An inexpert knitter ventures forth! Hilarious insights into knitting by a knitter who loves knitting but isn't necessarily all that good at it!

Giant Cream Cushion
by Mad Knitter over 2 years ago
Really Terrible Erika Knight Hat
by Mad Knitter over 3 years ago



I’ll write about knitting, crochet, spinning and other fiber arts. I will be sharing patterns, and posting pictures of my work. I’m not an expert at anything, but I do like to keep my hands and brain busy. I am retired from paid labor, as I have osteoarthritis. I do spend my winters in a wheel chair. I learn alot from you, my readers and listeners. I go to youtube, and try out new knitting, crochet or spinning techniques, and I try to share my triumphs as they come.

Don’t Decrease Hair! Read These Guidelines!
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Why The Requirements For Good SEO In Sydney Are Constantly Changing
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A Yarn Addict


This blog will focus on the knitting craft and everything that surrounds it. Buying yarn, knitting books and notions. Comments on knitting patterns and reviews on yarns and books will occur.

On Being a Knitwit


Blog on the ups and downs of a 20 something knitter and her pet dogs and cats.

bmore crafty.


A gal documents her crafty progress, shares her inspirations, reflects on her journey as a knitter, and seeks community for yarnies and crafters of all kinds, with occasional ramblings on her life in the nation's capital.

A new adventure!
by rachel over 4 years ago

Hooked On Life


With my blog I will show you patters, follow my current projects, and and give you fun and creative ideas.