Berta’s Knitting Blog


Berta shares patterns and tips for creating gorgeous sweaters and more. We especially liked the post on short row shaping, complete with video.

Knit Quest


Here, you’ll find updates on new patterns, along with a splash of daily life. Book reviews, tips, swaps, and yarns are just a few of the other topics covered.

The Little Red Blog of Revolutionary Knitting


Lisa’s knits will leave you intrigued and smiling. We love the Do Ask Do Tell scarf.

Purling Sprite


Isela shares loom knitting information, including patterns, tips, and explanations. You’ll find patterns for baby, apparel, décor, and more.

Morning thoughts
by Isela over 2 years ago
Knitting as Therapy
by Isela over 2 years ago

Audio Knits


Rhode Island knitter, Kristen, shares her projects and a bit of home life with her readers. You’ll find information and inspiration from posts like Looking Back and Looking Forward.

by audioknits about 4 years ago
by audioknits over 4 years ago

Chris Knits


At Chris Knits, you’ll find things all knitters have in common. There are projects, patterns, and a knitting gallery, full of beautiful projects.

Sunday Stash/Charity Hats
by chrisknits over 2 years ago
It’s done!!!!!
by chrisknits over 2 years ago

It’s About the Knitting


You’ll love these posts from a down-to-earth knitter. Even the rants, like Ghosts of Knitting Past, are a blast to read.

Knit Purl Girl


From book reviews to project tips, Knit Purl Girl offers tons of great information for knitters of any skill level. We especially love the idea for using comforter bags for knitting projects.

Yarn Nation


Here is where you’ll find all the updates from the Duchess of Yarn Nation. She posts her finished projects, and those of friends, along with gorgeous fibers.

The A.D.D. Knitter


We love the hats, shawls, scarves, and other goodies at this blog. This knitter’s use of color and attention to detail are astonishing.

The Plucky Knitter


You’ll love these hand dyed yarns as much as we do – they’re irresistible! Also included are some beautiful projects and great contests.

Update: Plucky Duets Club
by Sprouty about 4 years ago
Duets – A Plucky Double Feature
by Sarah about 4 years ago

Rose Red


This blogger loves knitting, the color red, and great shoes. You’ll find some lovely projects and great yarns here.

Small Bird


Some of the most beautiful sweaters, vests, and scarves we’ve come across are showcased on this blog. One of our favorites is the Napoleon vest.

Too Much Wool


This blogger knits up gorgeous socks, cute sweaters, and more. We love the writing style too, friendly and down to earth.

India time
by Cassie almost 5 years ago

Knit and Knag


We love everything this blog has to offer, from beautiful lace work to fingerless mitts. Be sure to check out the Rhinebeck photos while you’re there.

Mystic Supernova clue 1
by Anna about 4 years ago
Mystic Supernova Swatch
by Anna over 4 years ago

Knitting the Blues


Knitting the Blues is a blend of daily life and, of course, knitting. The YouTube videos make for a fun break when you’ve cast on too many stitches to count.

Five For FridayOr 5er FridayOr Shameless Stealing of the Idea....
by Teresa C. over 4 years ago
Ten On TuesdayBooks
by Teresa C. over 4 years ago

Knitting Kninja


The Knitting Kninja will inspire you to create your own fabulous knitted objects. Knitters of any skill level are sure to find a pattern they love here.

Your Mom Goes to College: on getting what we want
by Kristen over 4 years ago
Review: Zealana Air Marle
by Kristen over 4 years ago

Knitted Bliss


This blog truly is knitted bliss. Knitters will find pattern modification ideas, projects, and some adorable knitted toys.

Yarn Mistrys


The free patterns alone make this blog a must read. We really like the Cockshell Camisole and Summer Tabi Anklets.

The Sweatshop of Love


The Sweatshop of Love celebrates every aspect of knitting - from finding a pattern to finishing a project. I publish my own patterns, share everything on my needles, teach knitting classes, and help knitters of all skill levels get excited about knitting. Never snobby, I use creativity and ingenuity to create finished projects for less.

FO: A Neon Plaidscape!
by Allyson over 4 years ago
New Pattern! Down Arm Warmers
by Allyson over 4 years ago

Miss Vicious Knits


Miss Vicious Knits is a blog that combines engaging readers with questions about their everyday knit failures and successes, interviews, and witty writing to let all knitters know that no matter how ridiculous their knitting is, they are not alone in that feeling.

Hermoine’s Every Day Socks
by brittvicious about 4 years ago
Waffle House Socks [February Socks Part Three]
by brittvicious over 4 years ago