Wool and Chocolate


Knitting, homeschooling a large brood, and whatever else I do all day.

Gnome Knits


A blog written by a vegetarian gnome who knits. There are pictures and stories of food, a kid, a cat, and lots of knitting.

Chewing the fat


A personal weblog. Knitting, cooking, writing and generally crafting my way through life.

wool in italy


This blog was inspired in part by wanting to let the English-speaking world know about The Wool Box, working to save the wool-growers, the native sheep species of Italy and to do that in an environmentally responsible way. I’ll be talking more about that part of the adventure and translating some of the most interesting information I have found on their blog. In addition I’ll continue to explore, in search of the best workshops, shops, exhibitions and Wool In Italy and letting you know where to find it in person or on the web.

All Night Knits


I started my blog a little over 14 weeks ago and have fallen in love with sharing this craft. The community of bloggers had been phenomenal and I would like to share my crafts - as well as all the things that I have learned - with the largest audience possible.

Make Ready


Make Ready is a lifestyle and DIY blog that features inspired (and inexpensive) craft and decor projects, tried-and-true recipes, and ideas for creating calm amidst the chaos of working and parenting.

Woodsprite Hooded Coat – A New Pattern and Knit-Along
by Heidi Atwood over 3 years ago
Button Candy Dotted Yoke Dress
by Heidi Atwood almost 4 years ago

Crooked Needles


Free patterns, tutorials, musings on knitting projects.



We offer unique, stylish and affordable accessories for yourself or that special little girl or boy in your life! We specialize in unique, stylish and affordable creations!



A place to share my passion for crochet and also free patterns and tutorials.

Chateau Badeau


Enjoying the good life and making life good! Knitting, cooking, soap making and even making ginger beer.

Kangath Knits


Kangath Knits features in-depth book reviews, designs by Ruth Roland, and giveaways.



My adventures in knitting design - from complete beginner to (hopefully) professional!

Tumped Duck


A knitting blog focused on creating detailed and beautiful accessory patterns. Small projects rule and all posts are illustrated with beautiful photography.

Secret Shopper Unboxing
by Barbara over 2 years ago
Unboxing video blog – Gradient yarn and Beads
by Barbara over 2 years ago



A personal blog to share my knitting & crochet projects, in a nutshell.

Random And Crafty


A blog full of tutorials, DIY ideas, in progress projects and kitties.

Chad Bremmon's Knitting Shop Blog


I have a knitting shop. To afford the knitting shop, I repair computers and design/host web sites.

knits & more


I started knitting about four years ago, and love the challenges. - Follow me along my progess, including patterns, designs, tutorials, video-tutorials, etc. And all of this in english and german! PS. Please be so kind and boost my blog! Thanks so much! xo



"Hasiok&firends" is a blog where I share my (mostly small Amigurumi) designs, and keep track of my current projects. Stop by, maybe something will catch your eye! :)

Knitting Nuances


Tweaks to knitting techniques that have a big impact on your knitting.



KnitHacker.com is a daily exploration of all things fiber. Every day Danielle Holke posts 2-3 amazing and unusual fiber creations!