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Are you looking to hire the services kitchen countertops installation, replacement or some sort of remodeling? Contact Merrifield Granite and Marble for reliable services for kitchen remodeling.

Repair cracked granite countertop


Remodeling your kitchen or bath with Granite countertop by installation or repairing is an art. Merrifield Granite and Marble knows this art of granite countertops adjusting. We are serving in Springfield Virginia.

springfield marble and granite


Springfield Virginia based contractor Merrifield granite and marble is a well known name in the field of remodeling kitchen and baths. Also providing the services of countertop installation, repairing and maintenance .

Granite countertops for bathroom vanities


Looking to design your bathroom with modern ideas? Merrifield Granite and Marble is always here to give you the services you want? Installing and repairing of Bathroom and sink vanity countertops is our specialty.

Kitchen and bath remodeling contractors


Merrifield Granite and Marble is a trustworthy name in the field of kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We help to renovate your kitchen or bath with Granite, Marble and other laminate stone. We are offering our services in Springfield VA.

Quartz Countertops Remodeling


However, quartz countertops are as hard to cut and as heavy as granite is which means that they require professional installation.

Kitchen cabinet Remodeling


Kitchen cabinetry is available in a wide plethora of materials, finishes and styles and can thus set the modern look of your kitchen space

About Merrifield Granite and Marble


We are Springfield, VA based company specialize in fabrication and installation of Granite and Marble of kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanity tops

Products of Merrifield Granite and Marble


Following are some of our products: Colombo Juparana, Giallo Napoleon, Giallo Veneziano, Giallo Ornamental, Ivory Fantasy, Juparana Crema Bordeaux, Kashmir White, Coffee Brown, Uba Tuba.

Edge Styles


We offered many types of edges to our valued customers e.g bevel, pencil straight, O'gee, half bulnose etc

Points To Consider Before Kitchen Remodelling


The thought of getting kitchen remodeling done must have crossed your mind on a number of occasions but you must be putting it off thinking of how you would go about it and which contractor to choose.

10 Amazing Tips to Get an Uber-Classic Bathroom by Remodeling Services!


A bathroom is no longer just a place of necessity but has become a corner of relaxation and unwinding. This is why most individuals do not mind paying close attention to every detail while getting Bathroom Remodeling Fairfax done and are willing to accept bold concepts and tips for the same.

Renovate Your Bathroom or Kitchen with Marble and Granite Countertops


Granite and marble are the two most popular materials for this. Both these materials can totally change the look of a bathroom or a kitchen since they are available easily in so many colors and designs.

5 Common Mistakes People Make While Getting Countertop Installation Done


Thinking of getting your kitchen remodeled? Wish to get a new countertop installed in your kitchen or bathroom space? Well kitchen or bathroom remodeling is sure not a very easy process and one where people tend to make many mistakes, especially when it comes to choose or getting countertops installed.

Give Your Bathroom Sink A Makeover; Go For Bathroom Remodeling


Bathroom is obviously one of the most used spaces of the house and one whose fashion and trend keeps changing and improving with every passing year. Not long before you know does your bathroom space gets old and needs servicing, maintenance or some or the other kind of repair.

Keeping your Kitchen White Granite Countertops Clean


The kitchen is the one place in your house that you can let your imagination take over when coming up with a design. White countertops especially offer a timeless and stunning look, and when they are expertly blended with white cabinetry, the look is phenomenal.

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Kitchen and Bath remodeling: The disadvantages of doing it yourself


Considering a remodeling job for your kitchen or your bathroom or both? Well if it is a small job like replacing a few items here and there then the best way to go for it is through DIY methods. But if you are planning a large scale remodeling work then you must know that doing it yourself may not be the best of ideas.

Doing the Porcelain Tile Installation by Yourself


If you need a professional to expertly handle your tile installation for your kitchen remodeling needs, pay a visit to Creative Concepts Designs located in Great Falls.

Save In Your Kitchen Modeling Venture


Kitchen remodeling DC is increasingly taking precedence in many homes, with home owners seeking to have the kitchen of their dreams.

Kitchen Design: The Right Edge for Your Kitchen Countertop


Kitchen remodeling or kitchen designing is a crucial aspect of the overall construction of your house or remodeling of certain aspects of your abode and most of us are very particular about it.

Top reasons to option for granite countertop overlays and not solid granite


All kitchen remodeling contractors VA will also suggest that you go for overlays. One of them that you can contact is MerrifieldGraniteandMarble.com.