Kindergarten Hoppenings


Shannon Martin has been teaching kindergarten since 1999, and she absolutely loves it. Her blog recommends books, teaches the ABC's in fun, creative ways, and contains educational YouTube videos on things like counting fish and singing about pirates.

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten


In Deedee Wills' blog, she has essentially transported her classroom to the web. There are pictures of the students' day-to-day activities, including their coloring, the books they're reading, math stations, etc. The blog is beautifully organized, intelligible and fun for both parents and their kids.

Leap Year Sale! 20% off!
by Deedee Wills over 2 years ago
Lesson Plans for Three Billy Goats
by Deedee Wills over 2 years ago



Donna Glynn has been an educator for more than 17 years. She teaches Kindergarten as well as speaks at National, Local and District workshops and conferences. She believes that every child has the ability to learn and loves to create activities for her classroom that tap into a child's inner curiosity while meeting the common core standards. She has spoken at The I Teach Kindergarten Conference, The National Singapore Math Conference, Frog Street Press Splash Conference and The Read Aloud Delaware conference. Donna is also a Top Seller on the Teacherspayteachers website. Her standards based centers and units are a favorite among many teachers. You may visit her products at: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Donna-Glynn-Kinderglynn She is married with three beautiful children and two dogs. She loves to spend time with her family and believes that each day is a gift that should be cherished.

Mrs. Wood's Kindergarten Class


Catherine Wood's blog is filled with interactive games and exercises, actual student drawings and assignments, and slideshows to document things like memorable field trips. Mainly, she summarizes all the great activities she and her students take on on a day-to-day basis. Prior to teaching full time, Mrs. Wood served as a substitute teacher for five years and that's where she discovered her love for teaching young kids.

Thoughts from a Kindergarten Teacher


This is a great blog for tips both for the parents and students. There are posts on how to improve your handwriting skills, ABCs for parents (for example, "Q" stands for "Question the activities your child shares with friends"), the all-important checklist for first grade, among an array of other valuable, insightful posts.

Heidisongs Resource


A "creative kindergarten curriculum," it reads in the subheading of Heidi's blog. And that's really the purpose of the blog - she writes extremely detailed, intricate posts spelling out tips for fostering creativity in addition to the students' day-to-day activities. She provides exercises and ample pictures regularly. A must-read blog for any aspiring kindergarten teacher.

Kinder Clips


Kinder Clips is a great resource for finding out more about what goes on in kindergarten classrooms. Myriad videos are posted every week, outlining all the fun-filled activities the students partake in, as well as events they attend and songs they hear and get to learn.

Lil' Country Kindergarten


Marlana created this blog as a compilation of lesson plans, ideas and printables "that will make teaching easier and more meaningful." This really is a helpful blog for teachers, as well as parents who'd like to spend some of their leisure time teaching their kids themselves. You'll find tips, links, book recommendations among many other valuable resources right here in this blog.

Growing Kinders


The blog's author is very detailed and personal, writing about a variety of topics from summarizing a day in the classroom to something that struck her as "the bane of my existence." It's honest, funny, compelling and superbly informative all at once. She provides pictures, videos and various samples from her students.

Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog


Mrs. Larremore has been a kindergarten teacher for more than 14 years, and with such a high level of experience, she's able to contribute a ton to the online blogging community interested in kindergarten matters. Mostly, she gives us many of her lesson plans, useful and relevant for teachers and parents alike. Most importantly, she makes us see the reward and satisfaction teaching kids inevitably begets!

Mrs. Poulin's Blog


Gail's kindergarten website is useful in many regards. She updates us with weekly newsletters, reflective posts and interesting links. She explores fascinating subjects like teaching her kids how to use iPods. The "Categories" list in the sidebar is especially helpful if you're interested in a specific topic or subject matter.

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Science In Kindergarten
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Kindergarten's 3 R's: Respect, Resources and Rants


In her description, Michaele writes she "rants, raves, and reviews about kindergarten, education, family, crafts, and anything else that pops into her head after her third triple latte..." She's hilarious, insightful and entertaining. In one post, she says that students don't need test prep, they need life prep. She cares immensely about the welfare of not just her kids, but kids all across the globe. A wonderful blog for not just teaching professionals but for anyone and everyone!

Mrs. Guntorius' Kindergarten Class


Sandra has taught kindergarten for a little over six years. Her blog documents what her class does on a regular basis as well as the students' progress over the course of the year. They make alligator pie, write variations on Curious George and learn math with food (a most effective approach in our opinion).

Mrs. Kilburn's Kiddos


In this blog, teacher Barbara Kilburn gives us a glimpse into her classroom with photos, fun exercises and entertaining narrative posts about her thoughts as a teacher. She's excited, passionate and her class appears to be an all-out blast because of that!

Kindergarten Works


A great blog focusing mainly on how to better your own classroom atmosphere as an education professional. With advice on how to organize guided reading, guided math to incorporating poetry into your shared reading and phonics, this blog has it all for those in search of a great resource on how to improve their own teaching skills.

16 Phonics Videos for Kindergarten
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The Teacher’s Guide to a Quick After School Checklist
by Leslie @KindergartenWorks over 2 years ago

Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten


Julie Lee teaches at Big Spring Lake Kindergarten and has been doing so for more than five years. She says teaching kindergarten is truly her passion and "and I am happy to share it with my students each year." Her blog focuses mainly on keeping parents in the know and connected with what goes on in the classroom. Recently, the kids have just completed their zoo unit, creating fantastic drawings of animals and doing fingerprint investigations and such. How fun! This is a great blog for anyone interested in specific activities for their kids to try out.

Put Your Whole Self In


This blog is written by Luanne Lewis, a kindergarten teacher who hopes not only to teach but inspire all the kids who have her as a teacher. Wonderfully insightful, fun and heartfelt, this blog has it all. We especially recommend the "Teach Them Well and Let Them Lead the Way" post.

Dr. Jean.org


Dr. Jean's a kindergarten teacher with a noteworthy career. She is particularly known for her use of fun songs in teaching kindergartners. Her colorful site features fun activity ideas for little learners and book recommendations for creative teaching.

Sneaker Teacher


Sneaker Teacher's blog is a great resource for people interested in the day-to-day lives of kindergarten teachers (or teachers in general). Aside from spelling out the activities in the classroom, she delves into her own life, and so we get a completely new aspect on her life outside of the classroom. It's a fun, delightful, inspiring blog.

The Alphabet Garden


There are a lot of average teachers out there, just working for a paycheck. Mrs. Hicks is definitely not one of them. She constantly challenges herself to come up with "fresh, new ways to motivate five year olds to reach as far as they can go," she writes in her About Me. The Alphabet Garden is one such tool to help kindergarteners become better students: it contains ample exercises and games, pictures of students, poems and general tips for improving teaching. Great work, Mrs. Hicks!

Ms. M's Blog


Ms. M, as the author of the blog calls herself, devotes her blog to sharing her experience as a kindergarten and first grade teacher. She posts her lesson plans, templates, and other activity-related items. She's creative, inventive, and always cheery. We recommend the posts about her class's most recent science fair projects -- the projects are so imaginative!

Have Fun Teaching Blog


This is a tremendous resource for all teachers who may be in a rush for their next class or out of stimulating ideas to keep their kids thinking. This blog offers free worksheets, printables, coloring pages, flash cards, songs and lyrics, etc. It's like a free online library for relevant teaching items. A very practical, useful blog.

Kindergarten Activities for Teaching Basic Skills - Have Fun Teaching
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Fifth Grade Common Core Workbook Download
by noreply@blogger.com (Mark Luchauer) over 2 years ago

Seeds of Knowledge for Future Generations


The author of this blog takes her job very seriously and has created this website as a connector for her kindergarteners' parents to be filled in. Her hope is that this will make it easier for the parents to initiate conversations with their kids about their schoolwork and what they're doing on a daily basis in class. She posts frequently, which is great for those who want to be constantly updated.

Kindergarten Lesson Plans


Are your students tired of the same routine activities everyday? Check this blog out if that's the case; there are so many different lesson plans that it's really quite remarkable. They have ideas for holiday-themed learning, gardening and outdoor lesson plans, storytelling, and painting, among ideas for the more traditional subjects.

Mrs. P's Kindergarten


Here we have another great blog of the day-to-day activities Mrs. P has planned for her students. They count to 100 with Fruit Loops, experiment with the chemical reaction between soda and Mentos, make their own miniature groundhogs out of cotton balls and wire, among tons of other activities. It's great just to check out, but also for the nostalgic effect it leaves on readers.