Mr. C's Class Blog


This class blog, created and maintained by an elementary school teacher, is designed to show how new technology can be used within the educational system to enhance the students learning. Look for posts about education and anecdotes from the classroom.

Sharing Photos
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Student Survey
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Creating Lifelong Learners


Matthew Needleman's blog offers tips for elementary teachers on new media literacy's and ways to value students and their cultures. In order to help teachers keep up with Generation Z, he posts how-to advice on everything from downloading YouTube movies to using video as a teaching tool in the classroom.

Low Level Tech/Higher Level Thinking
by Mathew over 2 years ago
Clarifying Questions in the Common Core Classroom
by Susan Obuchi over 3 years ago

Epic Adventures Are Often Uncomfortable


Clix, the online handle of a high school language arts teacher somewhere in America, records her struggles as a dedicated educator navigating the sometimes treacherous territory known as the teenage brain. Fun, insightful, and full of lesson ideas, this blog is a must-click for secondary level instructors.

Shakespeare Ponderings
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A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way
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Learn Me Good


Jack Woodson was a thermal design engineer until he was laid off from his job. He redirected his energies and now teaches third grade in Texas. "Learn Me Good", the blog AND the book, offers his first-person account of his adventures as a new teacher. Very funny stuff interspersed with hard earned wisdom, this blog also offers some unexpected innovation from a newbie's perspective.

Keep those classrooms clean, people!
by Mister Teacher over 2 years ago
Win a LMG flash drive!
by Mister Teacher over 2 years ago

Time 4 Writing


Primarily a resource for homeschooling networks and parents with students in alternative learning environments, this blog posts articles on writing skills and grade level standards as well as offers online courses to support a myriad of writing objectives.



A project of the George Lucas Education Foundation, Edutopia is a site that focuses on what works in education. Blogs on several topics are hosted here, featuring contributors who are educators, policy makers, parents and others who are working to make a difference. Weekly posts showcase new ideas on teacher development, project-based learning, classroom management, implementing new technologies and more.

Help! I Need the School Nurse!
by Katherine Koch about 2 years ago
Lights, Cameras, Teach! Movie Making as a Lesson Planning Strategy
by Stacey Goodman over 2 years ago

History is Elementary


This site is an incredible resource for elementary and middle school history teachers. From creative ideas for classroom lessons and projects to links for sites devoted historical events and figures, this blog has it all--plus a bit of whimsy to make it all a bit more fun.

Please follow me to my new website.....
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Yes, I've Published a Book!
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The Teacher Toolbox


Award-winning educator Adrian Bruce has authored this invaluable resource for elementary school teachers. Download activities and exercises for the classroom and find creative approaches to lesson planning!

GoTeachThis.com is Alive & Humming
by admin almost 4 years ago

Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom Blog


Canadian first grade teacher Kathy Cassidy invites the world into her classroom to see what's happening with her kids. Not only does she share fun activities an ideas such as how to make clay angels and learning about shapes from a visiting author/illustrator, she also shows us real kids doing real learning. She also provides her students with a global audience, which helps them become more conscious of their impact on the world around them.

The Teaching Palette


Those who teach art will appreciate this site. It offers tips and ideas on everything about art, from "Supplementing Your Art Budget" to integrating technology into the classroom or surviving Kindergarten. It also gives the reader helpful tips for the best art teacher resources available. The Teaching Palette has already won several awards, and its not hard to see why.

Design Thinking Through STEAM Education
by Theresa McGee almost 4 years ago
16 Ways to Add steAm to STEM
by Theresa McGee about 4 years ago

Gotham Schools


While the Gotham Schools blog is primarily focused on the public school system of New York City. However, there is a wealth of information on policy, outreach, and current reform issues that are relevant to the entire United States. Additionally, this blog offers a community place for dialogue between civilians, teachers and students as well as a job board for people seeking employment in the education industry.

News of unusual back pay proposal draws mixed reactions
by pwall about 4 years ago
Scott Stringer says he’ll audit charter schools as city comptroller
by Geoff Decker about 4 years ago

Mike Klonsky's Small Talk Blog


Mike Klonsky is interested in two very different types of education: small schools and urban schools. As a writer who is regularly featured on the Huffington Post, Klonsky is a reliable source of information for people interested in the K-12 educational systems.

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Pasi Sahlberg
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Education in the Age of Globalization


This blog is maintained by a University professional at Oregon State University. It offers insight and current news about education in China and US education updates for and about American born Chinese.

How Does PISA Put the World at Risk (Part 4): Misleading the World
by YongZhao about 4 years ago
How Does PISA Put the World at Risk (Part 3): Creating Illusory Models of Excellence
by YongZhao about 4 years ago

Learning is Messy


Written by a seasoned elementary school teacher of nearly thirty years, Learning is Messy details the ups and downs, pros and cons of Crosby's own classroom projects. He offers practical but creative lesson advice for upper elementary teachers.

STEM: Cantilever Spans
by Brian over 4 years ago
Rethinking School District Social Media Policies for Teachers / Students
by Brian over 4 years ago

The Schoolhouse


I'm a SAHM and homeschool parent of a teenager. I teach a religion class to 4 and 5 year-olds and absolutely love it!! In my spare time, I create Christian and educational printables that I love to share with others.

Fabulous Classroom


Fabulous Classroom offers free resources for educators and parents, including lesson plans, printables, notification of special deals on educational products, and more! We also offer blog design and facelift services for teachers and small businesses.

Learn to Create the Magical Updos and Braids of Frozen’s Anna and Elsa
by Marcy Turner over 3 years ago
License Plate Find-It Game from Little Passports
by Marcy Turner over 3 years ago

Teaching Blog Addict


Who are Teaching Blog Addicts? We are an international community of teachers, home educators, parents, mentors, and tutors. We love teaching and want our children to love learning. TBA provides bloggers and readers direct access to fabulous teaching blogs that are filled with creative teaching tips and fun educational resources. You will become hooked- it's guaranteed!

100th Dayof School T-Shirts for Teachers
by Leslie atKindergartenWorks over 2 years ago
Freebie Friday ~ November 20th
by Fern Smith over 2 years ago

Kindergarten Korner


I've been teaching Kindergarten for 10 years and LOVE it! There is no job better. I love having a teacher blog to share ideas with other teachers! We are finally working smarter, not harder!

Read Across America
by Mrs. Shelton about 2 years ago
Let's Get Personal
by Mrs. Shelton about 2 years ago

Beaver County Parents of ASD and Learning Differences (BCPAL)


Our journey through an education system that said my son with Asperger's/ADHD and dysgraphia couldn't learn in a traditional school. Over the years many walls were put up but we have scaled each one and he has proven with the right support and understanding our kids can do great things!

by Western PA Parents of ASD and LD over 4 years ago

Mrs. McDonald's 4th Grade


Follow Amanda McDonald, a 4th grade teacher in Tennessee on her adventures through the school year! She gives great teaching ideas along with her own teacher made products. This blog also has tabs for the 4th grade students, which includes games and videos on 4th grade math, science, and social studies topics!

Back to School: Putting Up Supplies
by Amanda McDonald over 2 years ago
A 5th Grade Update!
by Amanda McDonald over 2 years ago