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Louise Fletcher serves as the head of a top-level resume sculpting agency. Her post there has equipped her with some sterling wisdom that she doles out in spades via her vibrant blog. She determines to motivate job seekers to inject new confidence and verve in their mission to win employment. She covers all spheres of the process: networking and harnessing the Internet, interview skills, and naturally, resume perfection.

Can You Guess What Word This Post Is About?
by billiesucher over 2 years ago
Somebody Said It Was Bad to Talk About Myself
by billiesucher over 2 years ago

Blogging 4 Jobs


Blogger Jessica shelters an intense passion for the art and technique of great recruiting. Her Internet web show, "Job Search Secrets," has resulted in great success for her and translated into a booming community of visitors to her informative page here. She is incredibly cognizant of the reality of the job hunt and how it has evolved into its current state. Thus, readers can anticipate her tips to tailor toward the inclusion of technology and social media in their search for a job.

Will Employee Service Awards Disappear In the Gig Economy?
by jessica@xceptionalhr.com about 2 years ago
How a Nursing Degree Changes the Face of Medicine
by jessica@xceptionalhr.com about 2 years ago

Ask Mike About Your Career


To ensure your enjoyment of this blog, take some time to decide for yourself what exactly you're searching for: a job, or a career? Those interested in pursuing the latter will really find themselves basking in Mike's bounty of relevant information. He's passionate about the process of building a career by crafting and concentrating your job search on posts that truly inspire you. Readers are free to request an answer for any question relevant to the hunt.

Simply Lisa


With a dash of humor to give it some real life flair, blogger Lisa Rosendahl provides workplace and career advice. Her posts are thoughtful and usually focus on HR development, a field that is always a little hilarious.

Tim Sackett Day Honoree: Victorio Milian
by Lisa Rosendahl over 3 years ago
Changing the HR Story
by Lisa Rosendahl over 3 years ago

Jibber Jobber


You will find some humor in this HR blog along with the serious side of human resources. We liked that it was easy to follow and offered great advice. We think you will enjoy the mix of information for both the HR person and those dealing with HR.

The Fourth of July: Freedom
by Jason Alba almost 4 years ago
A Real Curriculum for Career Management at the University Level
by Jason Alba almost 4 years ago

Guerrilla Job Hunting


Sometimes, propriety needs to be thrown out the window in favor of some crazy coming in. Go on the wild side of job hunting here.

The Monster Blog


Monster.com has mounted a heap of high-quality advice and recommendations here. Every Friday, you can read a post with five exceptionally useful tips.

Simply Hired Blog


Simply Hired, an up-and-coming and popular job posting page, now composed its own advice-laden blog page. Learn about job trends and interview polishing here.

Simply Hired's Blog has Moved
by Simply Hired over 4 years ago
10 Jobs of the Future
by Simply Hired over 4 years ago

Bold Career


Blogger Ian grasps the quality of boldness and vivaciousness as important to job search victory. Earn a dash of savvy with his myriad pieces of counsel.

Career Resumes


No matter how you slice it, the resume remains the bread and butter of the job hunt. Primp and coif your CV with this site's rare and nifty counsel.

Ben Casnocha


Ben's blog is not just for start-ups, though it does lean this way. He also talks about books that can offer you various strategies for business development. He also has entries on knowing your market and customers, which of course is huge when it comes to start-ups.

The Wisdom of Jonathan Haidt
by Ben Casnocha about 2 years ago
Situationally Competitive vs. Always Competitive
by Ben Casnocha over 2 years ago

Employment Digest


Have you recently found yourself in between jobs, and you're ready to get back in the workforce? Begin your resurgence to a job with this site's tailored tips.

George's Employment Blawg


Blogger George Lenard is familiar with labor and employment law. He's been in the business for over 20 years and his blog offers information related to workplace trends, the labor market, human resources, careers and the job search, and more.

Hiring Technical People


This blog doesn't care that the economy is down right now, as it's always been tough for techies to land their gigs. This blog puts out advice for people on both sides of the process.

Terrific Question for Assessing Culture in a Job Search
by johanna over 2 years ago
Certifications in Hiring, Part 3: Hiring Tips
by johanna over 2 years ago



Dream Big, the title of blogger Heather's company, encourages her to remind her readers to do just that. The posts manage to arouse inspiration even in ornery job hunters.

Movin On Up


Those wanting to escalate and expedite their job hunt would do well to heed the counsel here. The posts provide expert opinions designed to help you shine brightest.

Poll – How Do You Prepare for a Future Leadership Role?
by admin about 2 years ago
Job Search Advice From This Year’s Oscar Nominees
by admin about 2 years ago

Resume Power


Beef up the beauty in your resume with this site's hearty arsenal of advice-filled postings. We wouldn't send out another CV without glancing on this site first.

Water Cooler Wisdom


Blogger Alexandra rescues weary job hunters with timely and up-to-date trinkets of advice. She herself has done much to wade her way to the top of the occupational heap.

A Brief History of Goal Setting
by Alexandra Levit about 2 years ago
Meet Your 21st Century Customer
by Alexandra Levit about 2 years ago

Working Girl


The Working Girl's Karen Burns offers perspective on office-related news articles and topics in a humorous way, while also offering advice on how to beat the daily grind. There are an endless array of post categories to choose from and plenty of laughs to be had.

Your social network Plan B
by Karen Burns about 4 years ago
Working hard is not enough
by Karen Burns about 4 years ago



The catchphrase of this blog implores readers to grasp the ephemeral nature of any job. Rather, the writers want you to focus on crafting a career whose shine will last.

6 Ways 99% Of People Are Destroying Their Careers
by Michael Price over 3 years ago
How To Use The Job Description To Your Best Advantage
by Jewel Bracy DeMaio over 3 years ago