Dear Webby


When you want a blog that doubles as both a computer help site and a humor blog, Webby will win you over.

David Hoyle's Humor Blog


"Thought to be neat for human consumption," Mr. Hoyle's humor proves irresistible to nearly one and all.

Your PPC Sucks


We receive so many Internet adverts nowadays, it was only sensible that this site be created to criticize and cackle at them all.

The Writing Womb


Come here for some of the web's arguably funniest posts every Monday and Thursday on the dot.

The Friggin Loon


Randall had shown the world his true nature on his blog The Friggin Loon. Nerd or not he is comical and daring all at the same time while proving, loon he may be but he is no stick in the mud.

by frigginloon over 2 years ago
Right Under Their Noses
by frigginloon over 2 years ago

Give Up Internet


Even as some of the geeky humor can be risqué and might even leave you shaking your head in utter amazement or having to lift your chin up off the floor, no one could ever possibly say that the Give Up Internet blog is a wet blanket.

It’s not that easy… | Share a Coke with a Polar Bear [PIC]
by Sergey Page over 2 years ago
This was found on a German ATM – Obama Promises [PIC]
by Sergey Page over 2 years ago

Weird Stuff We Found Online


Weird Stuff We Found Online is just that: a massive repository or all sorts of Internet nonsense. Want to waste some time on some of the dumbest, cleverest and most thought-provoking images, videos and games on the interwebs? Look no further.

If People Were Honest At The Office
by H. Bellingham over 3 years ago
Faeries - Baby Crazy
by H. Bellingham over 3 years ago

eViL pOp TaRt


Funny stories and a sometimes racy commentary on life, psychology, and religion by a displaced Cajun girl from New Orleans named Angélique.

The Geography of Profanity
by eViL pOp TaRt over 2 years ago
Dog and Cat Cartoons
by eViL pOp TaRt over 2 years ago



Funny jokes and funny pictures from around the web.

The Lonesome Jackalope


Humor, social commentary, short fiction works all in one stop shopping.