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It is true that not all of us may need services of an immigration attorney or lawyer in our lives and hence immigration law services are not useful or of any importance. But at the same time, whoever wishes to change nation base, move to the country of their relatives or family or are seeking a political asylum in a foreign country, the importance of immigration expert services are undeniable for them.

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Mark Law Immigration law firm’s Lawyers works to assist Annandale VA, MD & DC residents with all matters regarding family based immigration. Get Permanent Residency through Family-Based Immigration petition by Mark J. Monaco, Esq.

The Positives Of Hiring An Immigration Lawyer Or Attorney!


The definition might sound simple but the process of immigration is surely not a cake walk and consists of several challenges on the way.

Asylum and Some of the Best Ways to Get One in a Foreign Land


A lot of people wonder what an asylum is and why people make so many efforts to seek asylum facility. Well, in simple terms, an asylum is a place for refuge and safety meant for those who need a promise that they will be protected when their own country poses a threat to their life.

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Claiming Asylum or Immigration is always a matter of great concerns. It is very rightly said that handling the immigration affairs is not a child’s play. It needs a sheer expertise in the field of immigration as there are lots of perplexing and mystifying subjects which need to be steered on proper directions. Therefore, only an expert and experienced lawyer can do the justification and hence can win the goodwill of the authorities in the favour of immigration applying applicants.