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This blog, dedicated to "what’s fresh and new in art, architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, fashion, and technology" will leave you mooing with Milk's pleasure.

Lumio: A Portable Light That Opens Up Like a Book
by Caroline Williamson about 4 years ago
A Multigenerational House in Helsinki, Finland
by Caroline Williamson about 4 years ago

Grassroots Modern


GM does it better than anyone else: "to help those who are looking for a modern contemporary style at an affordable price."

Design Spotter


When you're on the lookout for a site that has a more dynamic set of design inspiration and offerings, this is a safe bet.

Table Altaar
almost 4 years ago
Chicos - the funny lower chest
almost 4 years ago

SF Girl By Bay


"Bohemian modern style from a San Francisco girl" means that the design-obsessed around the country all have the chance to glean some California classy touches.

living in berlin.
by victoria about 4 years ago
sneak peek: darling, issue no. 7.
by rachelle dunn about 4 years ago



No more demolishing your new kitchen just for the heck of it; "be good to your pad" with this site's assistance.

Maddelina – Illustra
by eslobrown about 4 years ago
John Singer Sargent
by eslobrown about 4 years ago

Dale's HD Inspirations


The excellent and longtime interior designer now has a blog forum in which he relays his visions and ideas in the industry to desirous fans and readers.

Clearly Brilliant
by Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations about 4 years ago
by Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations over 4 years ago

Euro Style Home


Inspiration and a study of design for modern design enthusiasts - Interior design ideas, stunning home design photos! Contemporary lighting and decor for today's home – Euro Style Home blog.

Blog Post: Report from KBIS: What's New in Bathroom Lighting
by Brent Turner over 4 years ago
Blog Post: Beautifully Oversized Modern Chandeliers
by Mandy Kellogg Rye over 4 years ago



The author and editor of this site is Lillian Pikus, a long-time interior decorator who specializes in luxury living. From traditional to modern to commercial decorating, this high-end decor is definitely something to keep your eye on.

Ladder-Shaped Scaletta Radiator Radiates Style
by BeverleyW about 4 years ago
FirstCall Chair Shaped Like Phone: It's For You
by BeverleyW about 4 years ago

Essey Symbolic Functionalism


Essey is about Symbolic Functionalism. Essey was founded around the concept of using symbolism or metaphors to promote a given function or the inner nature of an object. It is about giving objects a soul, an identity and letting them communicate this to us – Shhh…Let the products speak.