Blogger Cassandra must be some kind of design muse. Her page is almost guaranteed to inspire vivid and breathtaking design insights in you.

Moroccan Mint & Green Tea Spiked Punch
by Kristin Guy over 2 years ago
by Cassandra LaValle over 2 years ago

Simply Disorganized


Practical advice for the disorganized life. Tips, recipes, features and reviews on some of the best organizing practices for those who are domestically challenged (and even for those who aren't!).



Everything regarding Food & Beverage Design: Restaurant branding, menu design and interior design; Food packaging and branding; Food photography; Design inspiration; Advertising...

My Vibe Life


I am always aware of my surroundings and I spend time each day searching for beautiful and unusual things. I have an inherent affection for taking photos of the things that capture my attention and excite me. This is a personal collection of photos I have taken some old, some new. These images give me moments of happiness and inspiration during my busy days. I invite you into my vibe life.

A New Perspective
by Kelly Wearstler over 3 years ago
Silver Lining
by Kelly Wearstler over 3 years ago



We are editors, scavengers, stylists, crafters and writers. Together we bring you a canvassing of all things amazing, lovely, cool, chic and inspiring.

Eddie Ross


As the senior style editor of, "Martha Stewart Living" and associate decorating editor at, "House Beautiful," Eddie inspires readers with clever ways of integrating new and vintage furniture and objects into clean, classic design. From decorating and entertaining to food styling and flowers, Eddie produces consistently beautiful stories that relate to a variety of people’s tastes and budgets.

A Day to Celebrate
by Eddie Ross almost 4 years ago
The Color Issue!
by Eddie Ross about 4 years ago

The Selby


Todd Selby is a portrait, interiors, journalist and fashion photographer and illustrator. His project The Selby offers an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist’s eye for detail.

Bronagh Staley – Owner of Sweet William, and Peter Staley – Artist, Isis and Fiontan
by Theselby over 4 years ago
Kim Meinelt and Scott Irvine at Home in Brooklyn
by Theselby over 4 years ago

Kriste Michelini


Creating beautiful yet functional interiors, mixing classic with modern, integrating rich fabrics and textiles, entertaining with flair - my blog is an opportunity to express my passion for design. Sharing ideas daily to inspire you to be bold, try something new - your home is an extension of you!

It’s Flannel Friday!
by marcie over 2 years ago
Get the Look!
by marcie over 2 years ago

Tara Beth Bryant


Tara Beth Bryant: Faith, Family, Design, Makeup, Life My daily trials as a Christian parent who is focused on homeschooling and working from home in the art and design industry.

I always come back to this place…
by Tara Beth about 3 years ago
Can’t Sleep
by Dr. Tara over 3 years ago

This Design Journal


This blog is the corner in the world I have chosen to record my musings on home,houses and designing them to have a beautiful,functional and so productive life,because at the end of the day, there is no place like home - beautiful,calming and ever inspiring. What you can find here ? - The evolution of our rental home , bits and pieces of my design course, how apply my learning on our temporary expatriate home with a little bit of DIY crafts and life with a vibrant little girl.

Stylish Corner


Stylish designs and decorating ideas for home interior design and garden