Playing on the word "decorate," Holly is an expat living in Germany with over 25,000 readers worldwide. Her posts cover craft news from magazines, conventions, and other crafters. Her blog is a friendly, informative read.

Small + Natural Scandi Style Apartment
by decor8 over 3 years ago
Buy Some Damn Art
by decor8 over 3 years ago



"Sharing our favorite interior design inspirations, modern home decor ideas, top decorating goods and lifestyle finds" makes this a remarkable design blog.

Nendo Transparent Table
over 4 years ago
What Do You Think of Canvas?
over 4 years ago

The Decorating Diva


A woman's home is her castle, and she ought to crown herself as the queen of the hearth daily; if you pledge allegiance to that phrase, here's the perfect site for you.

9 Most Luxe & Glam Sofas and Seating for 2016
by Carmen Natschke over 2 years ago
Creative Cafe // Artist Gloria Graham Sollecito
by Carmen Natschke over 2 years ago

Fabulous in Four-Hundred Square Feet


Just because you have a teeny bit of space to work and live in is no excuse for paltry design or style; just ask these guys.

Pippa Jameson Interiors


"Find the answers to all of your decorating dilemas and stay up-to-date with the latest Interior trends" on this extremely readable and eye-catching site.

Pippa Jameson styling for: The Hotel Inspector
by Pippa Jameson over 4 years ago
How to make Christmas gift tags
by Pippa Jameson over 4 years ago

Time-Worn Interiors


Re-use and repurpose with a little inspiration from Time-Worn Interiors. This blogger loves taking "old treasures" (some what others might call junk) and turning it into something useful and beautiful.

Texas Show Coming Soon!
by time worn interiors almost 3 years ago
I Really Tried!
by time worn interiors about 3 years ago

The Neo Lifestyle


This guy doesn't necessarily denote his blog as "green", but he's on a quest for unique pieces of furniture. Most of these pieces are repurposed or restored, essentially making them green.

The neo lifestyle on instagram!!!!
by the.neo.lifestyle almost 4 years ago

Being Tazim


Based in Western Canada— BeingTazim is a blog focused on reader-service, organized around the principle that every individual has varied interests and unlimited creative potential. Our primarily female readership is tech-savvy, active, and networked. Our content ranges from smart tips for home décor, to smart ways to use and enjoy technology.

He Named Me Malala #WithMalala
by Tazim Damji over 2 years ago
Caregiving Services – Support for you, care for those who depend on you
by Tazim Damji over 2 years ago

Decor Girl


Home decorating advice and ideas for a fabulous interior.

Mapambo Decor


Blogger and Interior Designer Passionate about style and helping others achieve their ultimate and comfortable home environment. Likes sharing ideas and exposing upcoming talented designers. Specialized in bold, unique styles.

Here are my latest pieces!
by Pamela Mbalo almost 3 years ago
2015 DIY Projects for Your Home
by Pamela Mbalo over 3 years ago

Pinklet and C


Interior design blog following my pursuit to start up an interior styling business. These are my inspirations and mood boards, some of my favorite things, organizing skils and dreams to open up shop.

Client Work Updates - E-Design
by Lindsey Anne | pinklet and c over 4 years ago

The Painted Home


Denise Sabia, interior designer extraordinaire and author of “The Painted Home” blog, has an exceptional eye that takes everyday items found in flea markets, thrift shops or simply along the roadside and turns them into unique pieces that freshen and warm your home … without breaking your budget. Denise’s fun, engaging personality and savvy design style has been featured on HGTV’s Design Basics and FOX 29’s Good Day Philadelphia. Her blog has been highlighted in Flea Market Style magazine and is currently nominated for Country Living magazine’s 2011 “Blue Ribbon Blogger” award. Denise began dabbling in design over 20 years ago by decorating children’s rooms as a hobby. She transitioned to unique paint finishes and furniture, while studying design at Philadelphia University. Her client base continued to grow as did her portfolio of work, branching out to decorating entire homes. After taking a healthy break to raise her three children Camille, Lucy and Jonas, she is looking forward to getting back to full-time interior design. Denise currently lives in Ambler, PA with her family.

How to turn a dresser into an island
by Denise Sabia almost 4 years ago
Mason Jar Vase
by Denise Sabia almost 4 years ago

Let me be inspired


LET ME BE INSPIRED - A source of inspiration when it comes to Interior Design and Architecture.

Interior Design & Modern Architecture Blog


yourhomyhome.com is a website that provide us about home decorating and home accessories. So, if you want to make beautiful home, you can read this blog for the guide. There are many tips and easy steps to make your homy home.

Home renovations to consider when the kids are back at school
by yourhomyhome over 3 years ago
Life Hacks for the Kitchen
by yourhomyhome almost 4 years ago



PassionDecor is mostly about decorating and organizing small spaces. I'm inspired by small apartments and studios and stylish solutions for living in such a small space. Real home tours, organizing ideas, cheap DIY projects and e-decorating service.

Olios Design


Olios Design is a full-service residential and small business interior design firm, based in the heart of Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Olios is committed to creating stylish and lasting interior spaces, while continuously seeking greater meaning to everyday living. Our blog takes our design inspiration to the next level, interacting with readers and future clients to explore what exactly inspires us as a design firm.

Home Decorating


Home Decorating Tips and Products related to themed designs, especially in the bedroom and bathroom.