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in the kitchen with: sarah coates’ sweet potato crisps
by Kristina Gill about 4 years ago
Handmade Gatherings by Ashley English
by Grace Bonney over 4 years ago

IKEA Hackers


No institution has more effectively made organization seem hip and trendy than IKEA. The Swedish arrangement specialists have taken the world by storm with an onslaught of sleek and clean decor and furnishings that you construct yourself. The process of doing so frustrates many. This blog placates the masses who've struggled with IKEA by showing examples of everyday Janes and Joes being successful with it -- and enjoying the organized, harmonious rewards.

IKEA wall bracket personalized with wood carving
by IH guest over 2 years ago
Fridge top cabinets hacked into TV console
by IH guest over 2 years ago

Addicted 2 Decorating


Kristi loves featuring her own decorating projects and offers a ton of DIY home decor ideas for her readers. Many of the styles are green, so browse the articles to find those of special interest.

Progress On Dining Room Walls (Still Not Finished…But So Close!)
by Kristi over 2 years ago
Paint Sprayers, Painting Stone & Exterior Paint Colors
by Kristi over 2 years ago

A Little Design Help


A Little Design Help was created as a free resource for interior design tips, tricks, DIY advice, projects, before and after pics, home decor deals and more! Join the conversation every Thursday with Design Dialogue. Good design is for every budget...Discover the Designer in You!

Endless Summer Paint Sale 2014
by Teri almost 4 years ago
Terrible Realty Photos or “Why Your Home Staging and Photography Will Sell Your House”
by Teri almost 4 years ago

Burlap & Tin


I have all these ideas in my mind and I just have to share them! Join me on my journey of updating, remodeling and decorating the place we call home.

Adding Cabinet Knobs
by Cheri Fiorucci over 4 years ago



An in depth view at the specifics of kitchen cabinet doors and kitchen cabinet refacing