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We are a London based builder with a love of great design. The idea is to inspire our customers and visitors alike.

Interior Decoration Review


The Interior decoration is an informative inspirational blog that covers the UK interior design market on creative look at lifestyle, design ideas, latest in decoration for the homeowners. A cool place to share whats exciting and inspiring in the Interior Design world

Fat Chef Kitchen


Fat Chef, Bistro Chef, French Chef, Italian Chef design ideas for creating a fun kitchen theme. Tips, suggestions, even great products all to design a perfect Fat Chef themed kitchen.

Creating Vignettes Decorating for a Fat Chef Kitchen
by Susan Kennedy about 4 years ago
Red Microwave to Accent A Fat Chef Kitchen
by Susan Kennedy over 4 years ago

Smarter Alec


Smarteralec.net is a blog about design, style tricks, great finds, and some very strong opinions about things. We love pretty things and we could talk about them all day!

The reNOUNed Nest


The reNOUNed Nest is a hub of inspiration, DIY, upcycling, decorating trends, things I love, design services and family muse. It's where your fab finds and your family nest get a "new noun"! "reinvent yourself. reinvent your nest. be reNOUNed."

Coastal Home On The Web: Banner and Button Design
by noreply@blogger.com (Cindy Sandelin) about 4 years ago
Dining Room Coffee Bar
by noreply@blogger.com (Cindy Sandelin) about 4 years ago

JWS Interiors/Affordable Luxury


Hi, I'm Jennifer, an interior decorator, who started this blog in October 2011 to share my client projects, gorgeous inspiration photos, home decor and more. It's always my goal to find affordable, yet beautiful items for my clients. I hope you enjoy my blog!

Using Black As An Accent Color
by JWS INTERIORS over 2 years ago
Sneak Peek: JWS Kitchen Before & After
by JWS INTERIORS over 2 years ago



This blog is about finding inexpensive ways to spice up any room.



Everything regarding Food & Beverage Design: Restaurant branding, menu design and interior design; Food packaging and branding; Food photography; Design inspiration; Advertising...

Donna's Blog: A Designer's Perspective


Donna's Blog: A Designer's Perspective, is an interior designer's perspective on the ins and outs of the interior design world. Brining you inspiration, what's new in trends, and information on all aspects on designing your dream home/space (including the details) .

Amako Inside


Amako Inside is my home and decor blog. I will review and share my opinion on decor, furnishings, and rooms entirely. It's an interior design blog, so check it out if you are into that.

Fab and Fancy Decor


Hand designed decor for special locations and occasions.



The Dovcor Bathrooms Blog is a little bit different. It's full of the interior designs, unique styles and stunning ideas that inspire our designers.

Freestanding Dual Vanity Unit
over 4 years ago
Stylish Fitted Bathroom Furniture
over 4 years ago

HLM Interior Design


HLM Interior Design is all about helping people find great interior design ideas to use in their homes, offices and lives. If you want to turn your home into the envy of the neighborhood, HLM Interior Design is the place to be. If you are clueless about interior design and decorating, HLM Interior Design is the place to be.

Interior Design, Tips and Decorating Ideas, Home Designs


Nothing will make your new house feel more like home than adding your personal artwork.

My Place on Pierce


A tiny girl attempts to furnish and decorate a tiny apartment in San Francisco.



I’ve always been an admirer of beautiful homes and because of that I decided to channel my love for home design into a blog, and so Simone Design Blog was created. Through it I share with others my passion and knowledge of interior design. My husband has said that he’s never seen me more passionate about anything! I love to people why certain room designs look so appealing and how they can use these design styles in their own home.

Some ideal surfaces for indoor kids’ playgrounds
by Jason Phillips over 2 years ago
Latest designs that can make your home look dated before its time
by Jason Phillips over 2 years ago

My Vibe Life


I am always aware of my surroundings and I spend time each day searching for beautiful and unusual things. I have an inherent affection for taking photos of the things that capture my attention and excite me. This is a personal collection of photos I have taken some old, some new. These images give me moments of happiness and inspiration during my busy days. I invite you into my vibe life.

A New Perspective
by Kelly Wearstler over 3 years ago
Silver Lining
by Kelly Wearstler over 3 years ago



A sucker for sparkly shiny objects, bubbly and stripes, I am passionate about decorating and styling party looks. I make every effort to cherish the moments (and people) that take my breath away. Here, you will find a few such moments, along with creative ideas to decorate, dress, travel, host a gathering and more.

Earbud Loop Review
by Michelle Cernauske over 2 years ago
Elevate Your Art Collection with Unusual Pieces and Displays
by manvi over 2 years ago