No more demolishing your new kitchen just for the heck of it; "be good to your pad" with this site's assistance.

Maddelina – Illustra
by eslobrown about 4 years ago
John Singer Sargent
by eslobrown about 4 years ago



"Sharing our favorite interior design inspirations, modern home decor ideas, top decorating goods and lifestyle finds" makes this a remarkable design blog.

Nendo Transparent Table
over 4 years ago
What Do You Think of Canvas?
over 4 years ago

World Interior Design Network


The world's best and most visionary design schemes all seem to congregate here and show off, for your benefit.

The Decorating Diva


A woman's home is her castle, and she ought to crown herself as the queen of the hearth daily; if you pledge allegiance to that phrase, here's the perfect site for you.

9 Most Luxe & Glam Sofas and Seating for 2016
by Carmen Natschke over 2 years ago
Creative Cafe // Artist Gloria Graham Sollecito
by Carmen Natschke over 2 years ago

Jonathan Klunk


Jonathan Klunk sells himself as a style and design guru on his eponymous site -- and whatever he's selling, we're buying in bulk.

Fabulous in Four-Hundred Square Feet


Just because you have a teeny bit of space to work and live in is no excuse for paltry design or style; just ask these guys.

Pippa Jameson Interiors


"Find the answers to all of your decorating dilemas and stay up-to-date with the latest Interior trends" on this extremely readable and eye-catching site.

Pippa Jameson styling for: The Hotel Inspector
by Pippa Jameson over 4 years ago
How to make Christmas gift tags
by Pippa Jameson over 4 years ago

Design Squish Blog


Design Squish brings you contemplative posts on the interaction of living a eco-designed life. Learn to love nature and an excellent graphic designer at the same time.

by ana almost 3 years ago
by ana about 3 years ago

Happy Mundane


So you don't live in downtown Manhattan -- no worries; this site's here to remind you that there's glamor everywhere, and "there's beauty in your dishsoap."

TGIF video break: Free Falling
by Jonathan Lo about 4 years ago
Nathalie Du Pasquier for American Apparel
by Jonathan Lo about 4 years ago

Dale's HD Inspirations


The excellent and longtime interior designer now has a blog forum in which he relays his visions and ideas in the industry to desirous fans and readers.

Clearly Brilliant
by Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations about 4 years ago
by Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations over 4 years ago



Design*Sponge, called "Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials" by the New York Times, features daily posts covering almost every crafting, decorating, and designing technique imaginable. Check the left hand sidebar for topics such as DIY, before and after, and gift guides.

in the kitchen with: sarah coates’ sweet potato crisps
by Kristina Gill about 4 years ago
Handmade Gatherings by Ashley English
by Grace Bonney about 4 years ago



Interior design, visual art, and architecture elbow and flutter about one another on this super trendy page. Those who appreciate fashionable functionality will really enjoy this.

Marien Debris Typeface by Dion Star
by Harry about 4 years ago
MCE Lamps by Note Design for PER/USE
by Ted Savage about 4 years ago

Church Stage Design Ideas


Let's just say that not all the design schemes found here will be meant for praising deities -- some of them seem set to raise a little hell, too.

Down Home Christmas
by Jonathan Malm over 2 years ago
Hung Rustic
by Jonathan Malm over 2 years ago



This blog, started by a company building "modernist furniture in a studio in downtown Los Angeles 20 years ago," continues to post excellent takes on current design.

Looking Back on Some Recent Architectural Losses
by Modernica about 4 years ago
Let’s Get Social: 5 Weeks of Contests, Week Four!
by Modernica about 4 years ago

this is a design blog


A variety of design disciplines and styles seem to congeal and collaborate together in this attractive blog.

Fabric of My Life


We are completely enamored with this warm and wide-eyed blog site that tempts us to pieces with gorgeous photos.

big beats
by kate about 4 years ago
a pipe dream
by kate about 4 years ago



This blog is all about interior design, and if you ever thought that graphic design is not involved here, this blog will show you all the ins and outs.

by noreply@blogger.com (Oliveaux) almost 4 years ago
A fresh kitchen
by noreply@blogger.com (Oliveaux) over 4 years ago

IKEA Hackers


No institution has more effectively made organization seem hip and trendy than IKEA. The Swedish arrangement specialists have taken the world by storm with an onslaught of sleek and clean decor and furnishings that you construct yourself. The process of doing so frustrates many. This blog placates the masses who've struggled with IKEA by showing examples of everyday Janes and Joes being successful with it -- and enjoying the organized, harmonious rewards.

IKEA wall bracket personalized with wood carving
by IH guest over 2 years ago
Fridge top cabinets hacked into TV console
by IH guest over 2 years ago



Blogger Cassandra must be some kind of design muse. Her page is almost guaranteed to inspire vivid and breathtaking design insights in you.

Moroccan Mint & Green Tea Spiked Punch
by Kristin Guy over 2 years ago
by Cassandra LaValle over 2 years ago