Wired Science


From the makers of Wired magazine comes their Wired Science blog, dedicated to everything interesting in the world of intellectual inquiry - from physics and space to biology and the brain.

Bunch of Nerds


Oddities and eccentricities of the Web abound on this Web page, as gathered by some of the most knowledgeable, self-admitted nerds out there. If you're looking for the strange or the interesting, look no further.

Alien Life


Blogger Rob's fascination with space and the beyond began in his childhood. The flame for alien knowledge remains bright, with his site on inspiring readers to be more inquisitive.

Talking Pyramids


We love the use of pictures and videos "Talking Pyramids" uses to explain the history of the pyramids.



The inner Curie in you would jump for you at this science-based facts blog. Topics like astronomy and biology receive special feature pages.