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Di Doodlings provides interesting reviews of the best products around. Looking for some advice on having the best life? Check out the Sunday posts. Hoping to find a few good deals or great sites to visit? Di Doodlings has it!

The reach of cancer
by Diane Hidey over 2 years ago
Last Chance to Win Spiralizer package from Tuttorosso
by Diane Hidey over 3 years ago

Fashion In The Forest


Fashion In The Forest is a sales, steals, deals & saving money website that also features frequent reviews & giveaways. Additionally, we offer styling tutorials, blog tutorials and answer reader questions. If you're into shopping, but saving money, you're in the right place!

by tripping tiffies over 2 years ago
[REVIEW] Tropicana Vitamin C and Zinc Orange Juice
by tripping tiffies over 2 years ago

Mad Moose Mama


Interesting, eclectic article content. Hostess of product reviews and/or giveaways. Raising awareness of the Missing Children of Canada

Just Say I Told You So!


I'm a working mother and always looking for the next best thing, to enhance the lives of the people I love the most. Product reviews, giveaways, and idle chit chat....are just a click away.

Self-Love Giveaway
by Stacey Donaldson over 2 years ago
2016 Progressive Insurance Los Angeles Boat Show
by Stacey Donaldson over 2 years ago

Pete's Sweeps


A list of my sweepstakes wins over time. If you are new to sweepstakes, this can be a great guide to see where to enter and who is actually paying out.

The Horizon Organic Peanuts Red Carpet Experience Sweepstakes
by Peter Dale almost 3 years ago

Sweepstakes Mama


Twitter Parties, Instant Win Games, Sweepstakes and Travel all in one fun bundle. Call it a fundle.

Shopaholic Mommy's Must Haves


Shopaholic Mommy's Must Haves is an established, popular site run by two dedicated bloggers - Ashley (Owner/Founder) and Ed! We feature the latest and greatest products on the market, post interesting how-tos and editorials and even host exciting Twitter Parties! Everyone is a Shopaholic at heart...embrace it!

The Review Girl


Read my reviews on books, music, movies, celebs and take part in exciting giveaways. I love to conduct author and blogger interviews as well as post articles on writing and blogging. So come and join the fun by commenting, following or sharing my blog link.

Written By Mama


Product reviews, giveaways and daily postings about family and raising a son.

A Momma's Life


Mom blog featuring giveaways, crafts, photography, coupons, and more!

Fresh Coupon Codes


A leading coupon site that offers free coupons, discount offers and promo codes to save your dollars while you shop online and enrich your shopping experience by Huge savings!!

Pin Busting with Steph


Find out if those magic sounding pins on Pinterest actually work. Steph tries them out and reports back on whether they are worth trying! From cooking to cleaning to DIY projects, anything she can try she will!

making some changes...
by Steph PinBuster over 3 years ago
Why hellllllooooooooooooooooooooo
by Steph PinBuster about 4 years ago

Why Don't I Have This


All that things that make you think to yourself - Why don't I have this?

Consumer Checkpoint


Consumer Checkpoint is a news blog that aims to help people make better more advised consumer choices by providing them with news, reviews, facts and information relating to consumer products, services, trends, companies, Industries and Brands.

Which UK restaurants are on best in the world list?
by Mark Johnson about 4 years ago
Sainsbury’s introduces sustainable tuna sandwiches
by Mark Johnson about 4 years ago

Lipstick Villain


Lipstick Villain is a beauty blog founded by Christina Daudier that specializes in all things fabulous and cutting edge fashion. From product reviews, to skincare and makeup tips! This is your source for what's hot and whats . . well, not. Your #1 source to get an absolute unbiased opinion on products and fashion trends! Lipstick Villain also encourages girls and boys not to be afraid to bring out that inner-diva or inner-divo! ;)