Mystery Files


Mystery Files contains "collections of mystery of the world."



The most comprehensive, up to date site on all things cryptozoology. What's truly great about this site is the interaction one can have with other members on forum section.

What kind of creature is Nessie the Loch Ness Monster?
about 4 years ago
Still no evidence of Bigfoot, but a new species may have been discovered
about 4 years ago



This site is filled with Bigfoot researchers who make their research available to us all. Make sure to check out the forums where you can ask a question and enter into some great dialogue about Bigfoot.



Their slogan is "Fighting Against Truth Decay..." and that is exactly what this blog does. This is a great blog dealing with UFO sightings that is constantly being updated.

Meets The Weird


"Meets The Weird" is just that, a blog that delves deeper into the unexplainable. From UFOs to mythical creatures, this site is for you if you're looking for something out of ordinary.

Patagonian monster


Blogger Austin Whittall has created a blog from a book he is writing on mythical creatures. What we love about this blog is we can see Austin's passion for this subject through his writing.

An even earlier Out Of Africa 2.6 MyA.
by AW over 2 years ago
Humans in Siberia 10,000 years earlier than formerly believed,
by AW over 2 years ago

Bermuda Triangle Central


Blogger Alex takes on all the hard questions surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. He uses science and reasoning to down play the mysterious aspect of the triangle.

Ourang Medan
by Alex over 4 years ago

Unexplained Mysteries


This is a site with just so many features that make it easy to find exactly what you're looking. What's great about "Unexplained Mysteries" is that it covers so many of the great Earth mysteries.

Does famous Nessie video show giant eels ?
over 2 years ago
Giant metal balls fall from sky over Vietnam
over 2 years ago

Aliens UFOs


"Aliens UFOs" is the place for you if you want to know about about possible neighbors in the sky. A comprehensive site with a large community you can get in touch with and ask questions.

Space aliens walk among us? Indeed, claims retired Temple prof.
by SOUL-DRIFTER almost 4 years ago
Strange New Humanoid Presence on the Beaches of Necochea, Argentina
by SOUL-DRIFTER almost 4 years ago

World Mysteries


We love "World Mysteries" because it takes the subject of Earth mysteries out of this world. It doesn't stop at just topics having to do with our planet.

The Mount Ararat Discovery


"The Mount Ararat Discovery" is a compelling site that deals with the existence of Noah's Ark and the Great Flood.

The Paranormalist


A must read blog that discusses everything mysterious on our planet.

Man-Beast U.K.


A blog that dedicates itself to answering the tough questions in its search to prove the existence of Bigfoot in Britain.

Mystery History Television


What a great site this is with so many different subjects including: UFOs, Aliens, and Ancient Lost History.



This blog is one of the most regularly updated alien and UFO sites on the web. It also provides video footage of sightings offered up by regular readers.

UFO Ovni Above Nuclear Facility- Mexico:05-11-2014
by realufos over 3 years ago
Central Italy: UFO Orb Night Sighting: 30-12-2014
by realufos over 3 years ago

Haunted Artist


An artist bought a haunted house in 1996. After years enduring the paranormal activity, she had the house investigated. It was indeed haunted. She put a live cam in her studio for investigators to research and collect evidence. The blog is about her whole paranormal experience. Ghostly happenings through her sometimes humorous writing.

The Booo! Blog


The Booo! Blog: Anthony Duda, New England's Paranormal Investigator. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Anthony Duda has been actively investigating the paranormal for two decades. Topics include Ghosts and Hauntings, Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), Cryptozoology.