Stuff On My Cat


Really, who doesn't like putting funny objects onto their cats and seeing the results? No one! Now, there's a blog containing a host of kitties, all decked out in some of the oddest objects you can think of.



Taking a look at the "wonders and blunders" of the American government, OhMyGov! is an interesting and often humorous take on the murky world of politics.

A Team of Leaders
by Stewart Liff over 4 years ago
Thanksgiving 2013: A time to be thankful...
by Richard Hartman over 4 years ago

Life Philosophy 101 for the Squirrelly Senior Citizens


Who says seniors can't use the Internet? From the mind of senior Jonathan Hemlock comes his life philosophy for seniors blog, offering hilarious observations about getting old and just what to do about it.

Adventures in problem solving
by noreply@blogger.com (jon) over 3 years ago
The Hemlock agency (Profiler extraordinaire)
by noreply@blogger.com (jon) over 3 years ago

Of Cabbages and Kings


Of Cabbages and Kings seeks to find the funny in life by embracing the true weirdness of the world. A fresh, funny, and surprisingly tasty blog about our strange little world.

Daft Doodling and Sci-Fi Sketchery
by Jenn Thorson about 4 years ago
99 Cent Ebook Sale and Its Catalyst
by Jenn Thorson over 4 years ago



They're reasonably close to us from a DNA perspective, but the get to fling their poo around without any questions asked. Really, what could be more interesting than a monkey? Learn all about them from Monkeyology.

Stuff You Should Hate


A great little blog about the things in life that inconvenience us, anger us, and just generally make us not so happy. There are all things we should hate.

Daisy The Curly Cat


Daisy is a sweet, pretty, funny little cat - but she's not always that nice! Take a look at some of Daisy's most interesting adventures so far!

We are so very thankful
by Daisy over 4 years ago
What About MY Good Times?
by Daisy over 4 years ago



Be warned! You will read politically provocative material on this blog, but relax! it's all in jest.

LOL Blog


This hilarious blog features a European feel and focus, but the laughs transcend world cultures.

Fake Science


Do you prefer your fun facts to be more fun than factual? Then you should be just the type to enjoy the silly science details that appear here often.

How Do You Get Rid of Bedbugs?
over 2 years ago
What Life On A New Planet Will Mean
over 2 years ago

Rants In My Pants


Rants about stupid things/people in this world. I vent about random things that I think are annoying or just plain stupid.

Far From Camelot


I am a daughter, wife and stay-at-home mother to a 2 year old little boy, who is our only child. In my 3rd decade, balance and happiness have finally come into my life with a little help from my parents and a lot of help from my faith. I have been writing all my life but new to publishing. My first gig was contributing to a weekly mom’s advice column in a local online paper. Currently I’m writing for Raising Boys World with an emphasis on raising onesie children. I’m finding that blogging and all that the online community entails is where I need to be. Life has changed me but my passions have stayed the same; The South is my conditioning, history is what keeps my attention and Spring Training is what gets me through the winter.

Not Appropriate for All Audiences


Keeping Shit Real and Alienating my Relatives: A blog about bitches, douche-bags, finding the funny, and my formerly hot ass! Fans of David Sedaris and Jenny Lawson should check out this newest laugh out loud blog.

Traci Carver


A series of funny anecdotes from a woman living in the Deep South. She also victimizes her family and friends for writing material.



NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART, or morally strong people. Or people with any type of good judgment whatsoever. Really just follow me as I wade through this shit hole that is my life. Should be funny, might be interesting, could be sad, will be true, and most definatly will make you think about how much of a better person you are than me. Enjoy.

Kitchen Retro


Domestic history with a twist of humor. Served straight up, with a large order of retro ads, since 2008. Also retro recipes, humorous verse (which all began with "Menswear Haiku," based on a 1960s ad), and the odd novelty bow tie (especially the kind that light up and were advertised in Popular Mechanics in the 1930s).

Some Victorian Piano Covers
by noreply@blogger.com (Lidian) over 4 years ago
The Legendary Baby Grand Piano
by noreply@blogger.com (Lidian) over 4 years ago