American History Fun Facts


The United States of America solemnly swears to some truly intriguing factoids, which you can gather and enjoy here.

Fun Facts


This Australia-based fun facts page boasts a bunch of amusing factoids and trinkets to read well the world over. It gives a great use to useless information.

Ze Frank


Ze's mind is pretty awesome, and we immediately gravitated to the ultra-modern and thoughtful layout of the homepage.



If you've ever had more than one headscratching question make your brain itch, this is the site for you. It regularly posts answers to zany yet fascinating queries.

Fun Facts About Salt
by Stumblerz over 4 years ago
Fun Facts About Ancient Fashion
by Stumblerz over 4 years ago

Green Earth Facts


If learning more and more about the world as we know it a turn-on for you, visit this site and get ready to rev your engine.

Did You Know? The Blog


Trying to shore up your knowledge? Come to DYK often, and earn some DIY savvy.

The Fact Site


Bands, the blues, baguettes -- virtually every topic imaginable qualifies as fodder for this catch-all blog that's designed to celebrate facts of all subjects and varieties. This is an excellent site for you to shore up your knowledge on topics that you might not otherwise think of pursuing or researching, from facts about penguins and Bugs Bunny, to dirtier realms like sex toys and the world's most dangerous spots.

25 Facts About Taylor Caniff
by Lizzie Robinson over 2 years ago
30 Most Random Facts About Giraffes
by Lizzie Robinson over 2 years ago

French Word of the Day


We decided to include this blog in our top five selections not because we want to indoctrinate everyone with the French language, but rather because we were so impressed with this site's detailed and comprehensive features that arrive on a nearly daily basis. Even if you don't know a lick of French, just seeing one of these posts will likely get that day's particular word or phrase indelibly stuck in your noggin. Take a look, and prepare to say "ooh la la" a bit more often.

What does Journées Portes Ouvertes mean? And How To Succeed in College.
by Kristin Espinasse over 2 years ago
Marianne's Easy Lasagna & favorite French phrase
by Kristin Espinasse over 2 years ago

Funny Facts Blog


This site has recently brought up salient notions about zebras and chewing gum, among its sundry topics. Come here for something out of the box, yet intriguing.

Oct 28, Remove content from our website
over 4 years ago
Oct 28, Jodie nettle fact!
over 4 years ago

Denmark Fun Facts


You'd be surprised, but Denmark is actually a treasure trove for unique and charming new information. Fill your noggin with what's great about the country here.

Ken Jennings


Ken Jennings is the biggest winner ever in the history of the game show Jeopardy. His blog finds him amazingly spouting out even more new facts and points of knowledge.

We recommend
by Ken Jennings over 4 years ago
Forrest and Forest
by Ken Jennings over 4 years ago

Sports Trivia


Athletics aficionados will rejoice at this sportive trivia page. Every day, pick up a few new factoids fit for the gridiron.

Mercedes Benz Trivia


This famous German luxury automobile is now moonlighting as a well for wildly entertaining trivia. Come here often and learn more than you thought you could of the car.