Against The Grain


Life outside the top-40 bubble can be very interesting, and at Against the Grain they do their best to showcase all things that lie slightly beyond the culture-norm. Worth a read.

Anime Full Circle


All things anime, from creation and production to information on new series that are coming out. Be warned - not all anime is meant for children.

Breaking News In Anime: Original Bubblegum Crisis To Be Released On Blu-Ray Via Kickstarter Campaign!!!!
by Andrew B over 4 years ago



The Social Code is all about little things that make life worth living - shopping, gifts, clothing, and the interesting and sometimes strange items we fill our world with.



The central focus of the Lip-Sticking blog is marketing and advertising for and by women. But the blog also offers advice that is good for women in any career field.

Get Your Group On...
by Yvonne about 3 years ago
Your Power is in Your Voice #womenofpower
by Yvonne almost 4 years ago

Katie Graham Photograhpy


Surf, sun and sand are captured to maximum effect in this blog about surfing and the pictures that make it worth more than 1000 words.

Art and Architechture, mainly


This colorful blog focuses on fine and decorative arts in addition to the architecture of Europe, North America, and Australia from 1640 to 1940. This is a great resource for those interested in the historical and cultural background of architectural landmarks.

Hotel Ritz in Paris: German occupation, sex, spies and great food
by noreply@blogger.com (Hels) almost 4 years ago
Charles Darwin and his family's terrible medical condition
by noreply@blogger.com (Hels) almost 4 years ago

Swiss Miss


The personal journal of Tina Roth Eisenberg, a renowned design director whose clients include the Museum of Modern Art. Eisenberg posts her favorite designs and commentary about what makes them stand out from the pack.

Old-School Exercises
by swissmiss over 3 years ago
Friday Link Pack
by swissmiss over 3 years ago

Brick Town Talk


If you love Legos and all the various formations possible with them, you'll find no more amusing site than this one.

Hopscotch Toys


Sometimes it's nice to take a trip back to childhood and have fun with your old toys; this site's dedicated to nothing but the little trinkets.

Creative Think


Roger von Oech knows of manifold "fun ideas to stimulate your creativity." Many of them can be put into practice right away.

Creative Something


"This is the premier blog for creative inspiration and ideas." It's chock full of smart and timely posts about encouraging new thoughts.

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Creative Books Giveaway (for You and a Friend)
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Scott Berkun


Berkun, the "best-selling author and kick-ass speaker," has crafted a charming creativity blog here. The posts are as innovative as they are informative.

Book Review: Smarter Than You Think
by Scott over 4 years ago
How Events & Conferences Should End
by Scott over 4 years ago

Michael Irving Ambigrams


This ambigram blog offers more than just common names. You'll also find popular brand names, movies, tv shows, and holiday greetings done ambigram style. Turn them upside down!

Hate Poster
by Michael Irving Ambigrams over 2 years ago
Ambigram Tattoos
by Michael Irving Ambigrams over 2 years ago

Andy Jenkins


Irreverence Rebellion and interweb marketing. Sometimes with video thingies.,The sinister stomping ground for All Things (that are fit to be published) for Andy Jenkins.

The Peasant and the Pea


I started The Peasant and the Pea as a way to categorize all of the handy little DIY recipes I've come up with and found over the years. V came on board with me and she is just as crazy about making her own stuff as I am. We both firmly believe that everyone can afford to save some money in this day and time, and we hope that by posting these quick little tips, tricks and recipes, that we may just save someone a couple of bucks. We sincerely hope you enjoy our posts and we always love to hear feedback, suggestions or just a comment saying hi. We are always looking for new tips, tricks and recipes as well, so if you have one you want to see posted, shoot us an email. Also, if you have something you'd like to try but would rather someone else be the guinea pig, shoot us an email. We don't mind being test subjects. :)

Fairy Magic Gifts


This blog is evolving into all things about fairies, from stories for children and adults alike to a factfile of myths and legends about fairies. Find out about fairy crafts to make and do at home, fairy poetry, fairy art, fairy stories, fairy photography and much more!

Designing Doodles


Designing Doodles is a place for me to post my doodles and my attempts at drawing. I am not a person with a natural talent for drawing, but that has not stopped me from wishing I could draw well. I write children's stories and would love to be able to illustrate my own stories. In order to do so, I have to learn to draw, and, with no natural talent, I have to start from the beginning. My hope is that, as I continue to post my doodles and attempts at drawing, you will eventually begin to see an improvement in the drawings that I share here.

All Things Purple


All Things Purple encompasses a wide range of creativity, from social commentary to amateur photography to poetry and everything in between. This blog has something for everyone!

she smiles
by The Purple Lady over 2 years ago
by The Purple Lady over 2 years ago