Waiter Rant


Being a waiter is hard work, and from author of "Waiter Rant" and "Keep the Change" Steve Dublanica comes a humorous look into the world of waiting tables and the customers that don't tip.

Nobody Fucks With Us
by guru over 4 years ago
Natalie Marie Dublanica
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A blog about life, death and everything inbetween and just how we go about getting our lives to be more than merely "lived".

Grieving Savagery
by Dr. Joanne Cacciatore over 3 years ago
Complicated Grief "Disorder"? Really?
by Dr. Joanne Cacciatore over 3 years ago

Community Guy


Looking at all things social media, Community Guy helps you to understand the role and power of this new form of communication in our Internet-driven society.

The Ad Master


Advertising is everywhere, and for someone looking to promote themselves or their business, advertising is a must. The Ad Master gives tips and tricks on where to advertise and how.

Girl Get Paid


The title is hardly inspiring, but this blog does contain a legitimate an interesting set of links for anyone looking to get their career from home jump-started.

Silence Is Betrayal


A study of all things feminist and the need for continual, active dialog fuel this interesting blog and its posts.

Crazed Mama's Work at Home Strategies


I blog about various legit ways that anyone can make money from home. Some of the money making ideas include freelance writing, surveys, and e-lance. I also do reviews and occasional giveaways.

Sassy Mama in L.A.


Dedicated to lifestyle features including beauty, plus size fashions, product reviews and giveaways, Los Angeles Events, and chronicling her journeys through life as she raises a daughter (…and a husband), while also working, going to school and blogging. She’s a little crazy, a lot of fun, very tired, and probably, the most honest person you will ever meet.

An Uplifting Event And Experiencing Miracles From Heaven
by Yolanda Machado over 2 years ago
Animal Kingdom Lodge: A Magical Adventure Awaits
by Yolanda Machado over 2 years ago

Live and Learn at Young Dove Farm


Favorite and seasonal poems, writing my thoughts about life, my farm and it's horses, relationships as a Mother and Daughter, dreams, visions, spirituality, serving others.

Words of Courage and Protection
by Rebecca McBath Hardman almost 3 years ago
The Brave Little Soul and Cancer
by Rebecca McBath Hardman almost 3 years ago

The Beret Project


The Beret Project is a daily blog on "Everything Beret"; the history and origins of the Basque beret in France, it's use in Spain and the Basque Country, South America, Italy and the Czech Republic... But also the beret in the arts, in politics from the left and right, the few remaining traditional beret manufacturers left in the world, photographers and photographs, famous and less famous people known for wearing a beret, the Spanish Civil War, a bit of history and politics and linked to the world's largest and best selected beret shop: www.SouthPacificBerets.com

Le Petit Beret
by noreply@blogger.com (Beret And Boina) over 2 years ago
Musée Félix Gresset
by noreply@blogger.com (Beret And Boina) over 2 years ago

Five Hundred Words On...


A challenge: one subject, five hundred words. You pick the subject, I provide the words.

Feature My Poetry


I started this blog for people to submit and share their own poetry. You can go onto my blog and comment on the submissions and submit your own poem to me.

Troll Minecraft


This minecraft blog is all you need. Please show your support by commenting and following.

Random Thoughts:The verbal diarrhoea of a constipated mind


Nikhimenon is a doctor by profession.He has been blogging since the last 4 years about random things which he comes across.The blog has got movie ,book reviews,views on indian politics

Book Review:Mainak Dhar's Chronicler of the Undead
by nikhimenon over 2 years ago
Best Malayalam Songs of 2015
by nikhimenon over 2 years ago

Emote N Elevate


Emotions and feelings are what differentiates humans from other species. We call this process "Humanification" or "Humanifying" people

Brands – Customer Sentiment Analysis from Twitter
by Madhavan Sriram over 4 years ago