Katie Graham Photograhpy


Surf, sun and sand are captured to maximum effect in this blog about surfing and the pictures that make it worth more than 1000 words.

Art and Architechture, mainly


This colorful blog focuses on fine and decorative arts in addition to the architecture of Europe, North America, and Australia from 1640 to 1940. This is a great resource for those interested in the historical and cultural background of architectural landmarks.

Hotel Ritz in Paris: German occupation, sex, spies and great food
by noreply@blogger.com (Hels) almost 4 years ago
Charles Darwin and his family's terrible medical condition
by noreply@blogger.com (Hels) almost 4 years ago

Daisy The Curly Cat


Daisy is a sweet, pretty, funny little cat - but she's not always that nice! Take a look at some of Daisy's most interesting adventures so far!

We are so very thankful
by Daisy over 4 years ago
What About MY Good Times?
by Daisy over 4 years ago

Swiss Miss


The personal journal of Tina Roth Eisenberg, a renowned design director whose clients include the Museum of Modern Art. Eisenberg posts her favorite designs and commentary about what makes them stand out from the pack.

Old-School Exercises
by swissmiss over 3 years ago
Friday Link Pack
by swissmiss over 3 years ago

Trivia Blog


"An IT professional who occasionally quizzes" has decided to indulge his hobby a bit more deeply and compose a blog dedicated to his game love.

Brick Town Talk


If you love Legos and all the various formations possible with them, you'll find no more amusing site than this one.

Trivia Why's


Every Monday through Friday, you can come here and get your trivia puzzle game fix.

American History Fun Facts


The United States of America solemnly swears to some truly intriguing factoids, which you can gather and enjoy here.



Be warned! You will read politically provocative material on this blog, but relax! it's all in jest.

A Cleverly-Titled Logic Puzzle Blog


This blog's title might not be that clever, but the logic puzzles you'll find here are. Readers are treated with a variety of images, puzzles, reviews, and videos.

Wordy Wednesday 77: Musical Word Chairs
by Grant Fikes over 2 years ago
Wordy Wednesday 76: Section Six 7
by Grant Fikes over 2 years ago

The Blog Full of Games


What you read is what you'll get -- a whole bunch of different games are chosen and featured here.

Fun Facts


This Australia-based fun facts page boasts a bunch of amusing factoids and trinkets to read well the world over. It gives a great use to useless information.

Ze Frank


Ze's mind is pretty awesome, and we immediately gravitated to the ultra-modern and thoughtful layout of the homepage.



If you've ever had more than one headscratching question make your brain itch, this is the site for you. It regularly posts answers to zany yet fascinating queries.

Fun Facts About Salt
by Stumblerz over 4 years ago
Fun Facts About Ancient Fashion
by Stumblerz over 4 years ago

LOL Blog


This hilarious blog features a European feel and focus, but the laughs transcend world cultures.