Wired Science


From the makers of Wired magazine comes their Wired Science blog, dedicated to everything interesting in the world of intellectual inquiry - from physics and space to biology and the brain.

On Location Vacations


Heralding itself as the best source for filming locations, star sitings and events, the creators of On Location Vacations bring interesting tidbits to your browser by actually head out to filming locations and seeing just how the movie biz operates.

Thursday, April 24 Filming Locations for The Fosters, Taken 3, Girls, When I Live My Life Over Again, & more
by Christine about 4 years ago
Check out our new features on OLV!
by Christine about 4 years ago

Culture Sandwich


A crust-free undertaking including tasty bits about all things art and culture related. Both the weird and the wonderful are layered together to create this tasty blog.

Stuff On My Cat


Really, who doesn't like putting funny objects onto their cats and seeing the results? No one! Now, there's a blog containing a host of kitties, all decked out in some of the oddest objects you can think of.

Waiter Rant


Being a waiter is hard work, and from author of "Waiter Rant" and "Keep the Change" Steve Dublanica comes a humorous look into the world of waiting tables and the customers that don't tip.

Nobody Fucks With Us
by guru over 4 years ago
Natalie Marie Dublanica
by guru over 4 years ago

Bunch of Nerds


Oddities and eccentricities of the Web abound on this Web page, as gathered by some of the most knowledgeable, self-admitted nerds out there. If you're looking for the strange or the interesting, look no further.



Taking a look at the "wonders and blunders" of the American government, OhMyGov! is an interesting and often humorous take on the murky world of politics.

A Team of Leaders
by Stewart Liff over 4 years ago
Thanksgiving 2013: A time to be thankful...
by Richard Hartman over 4 years ago

Life Philosophy 101 for the Squirrelly Senior Citizens


Who says seniors can't use the Internet? From the mind of senior Jonathan Hemlock comes his life philosophy for seniors blog, offering hilarious observations about getting old and just what to do about it.

Adventures in problem solving
by noreply@blogger.com (jon) over 3 years ago
The Hemlock agency (Profiler extraordinaire)
by noreply@blogger.com (jon) over 3 years ago

Of Cabbages and Kings


Of Cabbages and Kings seeks to find the funny in life by embracing the true weirdness of the world. A fresh, funny, and surprisingly tasty blog about our strange little world.

Daft Doodling and Sci-Fi Sketchery
by Jenn Thorson about 4 years ago
99 Cent Ebook Sale and Its Catalyst
by Jenn Thorson over 4 years ago



They're reasonably close to us from a DNA perspective, but the get to fling their poo around without any questions asked. Really, what could be more interesting than a monkey? Learn all about them from Monkeyology.

Stuff You Should Hate


A great little blog about the things in life that inconvenience us, anger us, and just generally make us not so happy. There are all things we should hate.



All things television - both present and past - can be found at the MeleVision blog. Sure, we spend too much time watching TV, and now we can read all about it online as well!

Against The Grain


Life outside the top-40 bubble can be very interesting, and at Against the Grain they do their best to showcase all things that lie slightly beyond the culture-norm. Worth a read.

Anime Full Circle


All things anime, from creation and production to information on new series that are coming out. Be warned - not all anime is meant for children.

Breaking News In Anime: Original Bubblegum Crisis To Be Released On Blu-Ray Via Kickstarter Campaign!!!!
by Andrew B over 4 years ago



The Social Code is all about little things that make life worth living - shopping, gifts, clothing, and the interesting and sometimes strange items we fill our world with.



A blog about life, death and everything inbetween and just how we go about getting our lives to be more than merely "lived".

Grieving Savagery
by Dr. Joanne Cacciatore over 3 years ago
Complicated Grief "Disorder"? Really?
by Dr. Joanne Cacciatore over 3 years ago

Community Guy


Looking at all things social media, Community Guy helps you to understand the role and power of this new form of communication in our Internet-driven society.



The central focus of the Lip-Sticking blog is marketing and advertising for and by women. But the blog also offers advice that is good for women in any career field.

Get Your Group On...
by Yvonne about 3 years ago
Your Power is in Your Voice #womenofpower
by Yvonne almost 4 years ago

The Ad Master


Advertising is everywhere, and for someone looking to promote themselves or their business, advertising is a must. The Ad Master gives tips and tricks on where to advertise and how.

Girl Get Paid


The title is hardly inspiring, but this blog does contain a legitimate an interesting set of links for anyone looking to get their career from home jump-started.

Silence Is Betrayal


A study of all things feminist and the need for continual, active dialog fuel this interesting blog and its posts.