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There are few individuals with such an inspiring story as Stephanie Nielson. Recovering from a nearly fatal plane crash that left her with burns over 80% of her body, this woman blogs about what is truly important in life.

by Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson about 2 years ago
Dreaming Blind
by Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson about 2 years ago

Jane's Inner Child Memoir


This author writes about a traumatic past and discusses how writing can be therapeutic. Some hard topics such as abuse are touched upon, but this blog is ultimately inspirational because it speaks deeply and eloquently of the healing journey. Jane offers many tips about developing a caring relationship with your Inner Child

Nonviolent Communication and My Inner Child
by Jane Rowan over 2 years ago
Healing from Abuse is a Lifelong Journey - Relationships
by Jane Rowan almost 4 years ago

Ann Best, Memoir Author


Visit the blog of Ann Carbine Best, author of In the Mirror: A Memoir of Shattered Secrets that was released May 2011 by WiDo Publishers. Overcoming family trauma is one of the main themes of this inspirational personal blog. Ann is the mother of three married children, grandmother of four boys and three girls, and caregiver of a disabled daughter who is one of the "characters" in her memoir. Ann says: "It was always my dream to be a published writer, and I finally accomplished it--four days after my 71st birthday. I'm living testimony that it's never too late to write and publish!"

75 Years...and Still Going
by Ann Best about 3 years ago
When NOT to Try Learning a New Language....
by Ann Best about 3 years ago

Zette Harbour


I believe that everyone deserves to be empowered.... I believe that at the core of who you are - you are a collection of stories.... I believe that you arrived here with the right to choose what those stories are.... I believe that I’m here to bring empowering, inspiring and evolving stories to life.... .... to let you see just how many choices you have and how powerful you can be. Síocháin, Zette Harbour

10 Steps to Planning a Storytelling Event
by noreply@blogger.com (Zette Harbour) over 4 years ago

Guess and Check: Founding a Nonprofit and Learning to Love Trial & Erro


Guess and Check is about the founding of a networking and advocacy nonprofit for cognitively disabled adults in Austin, TX.

Divas With A Purpose


Divas With A Purpose began as an outlet and has grown to become so much more to me. It's become a place to network and connect with other women as we go through this journey of life. As women, mothers, sisters, friends, divas embracing our similarities and differences - we all should be Driven, Inspiring, Victorious and called to Action in our families and communities. I invite you all to join the Divas With A Purpose journey - to share and collaborate with one another in hopes of building one another up.

Emily's Journey


In Emily's Journey, some of the topics I write about will undoubtedly relate to my life as a Mom. My intention is to utilize this forum as a place to share my experiences, bumps, joys, losses and everything in between as a woman and human being travelling through life. My hope is to highlight that no matter what stage or walk of life we travel, we all share a common thread.

A little kindness goes a long way, by Emily Madill
by admin over 4 years ago

An Uncharted Life Aboard a Wooden Boat


Leaving the conventional 9-to-5 life, Laura bought a wooden boat, and sailed south from Nova Scotia, in search of the freedom and adventure many postpone until retirement.

by Laura McCrossin over 2 years ago
Cleared For Take-Off
by Laura McCrossin over 2 years ago

Casting Shadows in the Dark


Martha's Blog...a look into the mind of a girl trying to love herself again and get her life back one step at a time

Our Story


The weekly going ons of a new company making Breast Cancer Bras for women