Bug Girl's Blog


Bug Girl has a PhD in Entomology, and as an Entomologist, she gives her readers a real scientific look at bugs and their workings. She also gives the latest news with a grain of salt, dispelling fact from myth (or outright falsehoods.)

Join the Hive (Bug Mailing List)
by Gwen Pearson about 4 years ago
It’s official! I’ve moved to Wired.
by Gwen Pearson over 4 years ago

The Backyard Arthropod Project


Interested in anything with an exoskeleton? If so, you'll dig this creepy crawly blog focusing on arthropods…and yes, you will feel like something's crawling in your hair after spending a few minutes browsing here!

Scale Insects from Orchid
by Tim Eisele about 3 years ago
Immature Crab Spider – Yellow and Red
by Tim Eisele about 3 years ago



Alex Wild is a photographer and research scientist with a thing for ants, and insects in general. He'll admit it, he's crazy about these little leggy, make-you-squirm-in-your-seat kind of bugs. Whether you're a fellow insect lover, doing some research, or interested in North American ants, you'll find his blog of top notch quality.

How To Tell The Difference Between the Japanese Pavement Ant And The Common Pavement Ant
by alexwild almost 4 years ago
Public Talk, University of Kentucky: How The Digital Photography Revolution Is Good For Entomology
by alexwild almost 4 years ago

Beetles in the Bush


The diary of a research entomologist who reflects on his field trips, offering a host of essays and photographs on beetles, their natural habitats, and the landscapes that they frequent. Get your bug fix here!

North America’s most recognizable longhorned beetle
by Ted C. MacRae about 2 years ago
Beetle Collecting 101: Fermenting bait traps for collecting longhorned beetles
by Ted C. MacRae about 2 years ago

Tales from the beehive – a beekeepers blog


I am a relatively new beekeeper, having started out in 2009, and am based in west Kent, UK. Join with me through my blog on a journey as I visit my bees and learn more about the world of these fascinating insects, the way that we interact with them and rely on them for pollination and how we can help to safeguard their future in a changing world where there are so many environmental factors working against them. It records my successes, and failures, and you are warmly invited to comment and feedback to make the blog a more useful resource for others setting out in their own journeys into beekeeping. I hope you find this both informative and entertaining.

Bee Venom WHAT?
by danieljmarsh about 2 years ago
Autumn arrives and the girls keep flying….
by danieljmarsh over 2 years ago

The Bug Geek


Insects, insect photography, and the science of entomology. A blog written by a grad student entomologist who studies insects in Arctic Canada.

Ten important things I learned about teaching (Part II)
by TGIQ almost 4 years ago
Ten important things I learned about teaching (Part I)
by TGIQ almost 4 years ago

Northwest Dragonflier


All things Odonata — the dragonflies and damselflies, with a focus on the Pacific Northwest of North America (with occasional forays to other regions). Topics range from species profiles, behavior, natural history, travels, and photography.

Odonates in The Pearl: Tanner Springs Park
by Jim Johnson over 2 years ago
The Rewards of Looking for Exuviae
by Jim Johnson over 2 years ago