National Tech Center


"Advancing technology solutions for all students" is something that education in this country needs to focus increasingly more on. Teachers can come to blog to spur innovative thinking in their pupils.

Innovation Tools


This is an excellent blog to begin your quest for new ways to spark creativity. It "covers topics including innovation research and best practices and strategies, innovation management," and more.

India Invents


The United States, Russia, China, Japan -- these countries, and every other one, need watch out for the rise of India. This blog shows the country to be a hotbed for innovation.

The Scheme for Facilitating Start-ups Intellectual Property Protection (SIPP)
by A.S Rao over 2 years ago
INVENT ARENA 16-18 June 2016, Trinec, Czech Republic
by A.S Rao over 2 years ago

Heath Brothers


The brothers at the helm of this innovation blog are quite the dynamo. They harness their enormous brainpower to craft posts designed to boost your own brain.

Announcing the 2014 CASE Change Academy class!
by Dan Heath over 4 years ago

Virgin: Entrepreneur


The gazillionaire Richard Branson clearly understands a thing or two about creativity. Glean from his money-soaked insights here.

It's Saul Connected


These "eclectic musings of an innovation junkie" are as addictive as your favorite potato chip. You'll be binging on the posts here after just one visit.

You Don’t Have to Go to a Conference to Enjoy It
by saul almost 3 years ago
The Human Side Of Innovation
by saul almost 3 years ago

Get Fresh Minds


"Ideas so fresh they should be slapped" perpetrate with pleasure on this blog page. But the creativity they ignite won't leave you offended.

Design Elements
by Katie Konrath almost 3 years ago
The Brilliant Reason Inigo Montoya Fought Left-Handed.
by Katie Konrath over 3 years ago

Dark City


Anime/Animation & Video Game reviews, Tech product reviews

Global Innovation News


GIN is dedicated to finding, connecting and sharing interesting new technologies, best practices, lessons learned, and key projects around areas we believe are important. Our specific topics include: Business, Green, Society, and Web & Software. GIN plans to expand over time to other areas such as Design and Living.

Spencerian Death Sonnets


I am trying to write humorous but innovative/truthful sonnets relating to those high profile individuals who pass on, in the Spencerian form, trying to point out the hypocrisy with which we deal with celebrities and world political figures at the time of their deaths. I find it quite revealing and invigorating to tell the truth, even at the time when political correctness seems the more courteous path.