Mobile Health Computing


Fascinating is the word to describe this blog. The majority of the blog is concerned with using mobile devices in health care, which of course is changing health care for the better.

Will Windows 7 take you to 2020?
by Joseph Kim, MD, MPH over 2 years ago
Taking a Chromebook for a spin (Dell Chromebook 13)
by Joseph Kim, MD, MPH over 2 years ago

The Endeavour


We liked John's blog concerning different informatics because he touches on many different areas including sciences, computer software, math, and even creativity. His blog entries are to the point and easy-to-read, we think you will agree with us on why we liked his blog so much.

Coffee after Obama
by John over 2 years ago
Octave holes on a saxophone
by John over 2 years ago

Interactive Intelligence


This blog is filled with information technology, data, and how it all interacts. Very insightful and a wonderful resource since there is so much on this blog that is useful.

Crowdsource Your Data!
by Randolph Carter over 2 years ago
Testing, Testing, Don’t Forget Penetration Testing!
by Eric Cohen over 2 years ago

Terry Etherton Blog on Biotechnology


Terry Etherton shares in his blog about biotechnology and the many different aspects of it. It is a blog that is definitely worth checking out because it is laid out well and easy to navigate.

The Veda Blog


Veda informatics offers insight into many different areas such as business, Internet, marketing, and information technology to name a few. The blog is packed with information and comments that are truly unique.

Computer Forensic Blog


While computer forensics is a relatively new field, this blogger takes the time to help readers that may be interested in a career in the field or find it fascinating and want to know more.

Health Information Exchange


This blog sets out to show how clinical decisions are made, which includes a variety of lab tests and other data. The conclusions are amazing and the blog entries are very informative, we think you will agree!

The Technology Blog and Podcast


If you love informatics and technology, you are going to find Jared Rimer's blog very enlightening. He provides articles, podcasts and commentaries on various areas of technology.

Adobe, Microsoft Push Critical Fixes
by tech about 4 years ago
Heartbleed in the news
by tech about 4 years ago

EHR Bloggers


Electronic health records or EHR and the rise of their use with technology is the focus of this blog. We think you will find it as interesting as we did with the vast amount of information on the site.

Growers for Biotechnology


The purpose of this blog is to promote and encourage biotechnology in agriculture. Very unique and interesting reading here that we know you'll love.

The Spittoon


If you have an interest in genetics, this is definitely a blog you want to check out. There is a lot of great information that is easy reading for anyone.

More From SXSW #AskAnne
by ScottH over 4 years ago
by ScottH over 4 years ago

Hodges' Model


Peter Jones is an informatics specialist along with being a mental health nurse and an independent scholar. He uses his blog to share information on all three fronts. Great reference blog!

HSJ Mental health: A sign of the time(s)?
by Peter Jones over 2 years ago
Open Data as Open Educational Resources: 4th March 1400-1700 UCL
by Peter Jones over 2 years ago

Onboard Informatics


The main goal of this blog is to help spread more understanding when it comes to information sciences, GIS, and data. The Internet has made huge advances in the way information in these areas are trasmitted.

Local Data and the Primaries: Super Tuesday
by Peter Goldey over 2 years ago
Tying data together with Talia Jane
by Peter Goldey over 2 years ago

Gary Rabin


The name of the blog does not give you much information, but Gary Rabin has over 20 years experience in finance and information sciences. His blog is very professional and easy to digest; we think you will like it.



Global bioscience is what you will find on this blog, which means it is can be an excellent school reference for anyone in college that happens to be studying biosciences.

Help Wanted | Departmental EIR at a University Near You!
by arubenstein over 2 years ago
Every New Beginning…
by arubenstein about 4 years ago

hyper edge fire


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