Dil Se


The recipes found here are fantastic. You will find appetizers all the way to desserts to make the most creative meal you can. The DiWali Recipes are a must have for all cooks.

The Footloose Chef


This blog is mainly Indian cuisine with an emphasis on Tamilian and Keralite cooking. These recipes will fit into everyday meal plans with the easy to follow instructions.



India is made up of many states that have their own unique recipes. This blogger has traveled through India to collect the many different recipes of these states and shares them here. It is a family kitchen built on love stories and food. The recipes are healthy and well balanced as well as homey and comforting!

Lemon Tofu Squares
by Soma over 4 years ago
Stuffed Mushrooms in Creamy Tomato Sauce
by Soma over 4 years ago

My Dhaba


This blog focuses on traditional Indian home cooking. There are some great posts here including "Top 25 Recipes at My Dhaba ". East to follow instructions for the perfect menu.

Pomegranate Almond Raita
by Soma over 2 years ago
Chinese Fried Nuts
by Soma over 2 years ago

Cooking With Thas


This is an award winning food blog, ranked 17th in the top 50 Food Blog list. Once you visit this site you will see why. With the step by step instructions and beautiful food photography, your senses will be tempted!

Chicken Salad with Asian Peanut Butter Dressing
by Thas over 2 years ago
Super Bowl Recipes
by Thas over 2 years ago

Curry In Kadai


The author of this blog is passionate about cooking and it is so evident in her blog. It is beautifully written and visually appealing. You will find a wealth of fantastic recipes, especially ones with mushrooms.

Gita's Kitchen


Gita Jaishankar is the cook and author of this wonderful cooking blog. She loves preparing Indian food and has focused on developing recipes that are geared towards those who are diabetic. The goal is to prove that healthy, primarily diabetic-friendly foods can taste great!

BROCCOLI RICE (Indian style with podi)
by Gita Jaishankar over 2 years ago
Cracked Wheat, Dates, and Fig Payasam (Kheer)
by Gita Jaishankar over 2 years ago

Live To Eat


This blogger loves to talk food, eat food and share her passion for cooking. She shares her many recipes here including a great India - Kerala recipe section. Worth the visit!

Hamaree Rasoi


Wow! Fabulous food photography that will make your mouth water! The recipes here are easy to follow and the posts are very well written. This blog has some very creative Indian food recipes that can be done quickly and still be full of flavor!

Beetroot Pulao Recipe | Preethi's Electric Pressure Cooker | Beetroot Pulao
by noreply@blogger.com (Hamaree Rasoi) over 2 years ago
Strawberry Jam Recipe | Pectin Free Jam
by noreply@blogger.com (Hamaree Rasoi) over 2 years ago

Vegetable Platter


This is a delightful blog to visit. The Vermicelli Kheer, which is one of the simplest Indian desserts, looks absolutely delicious. This blogger has easy to follow instructions for all her recipes. Definitely worth a look at!

The Cooker


This blog has an extensive recipe list to tempt your senses. I love the posts here, very well written, and have been very inspired by the recipes I've found.

(Un)Fruit Cake
by noreply@blogger.com (TheCooker) over 3 years ago
Jampot In My Kitchen
by noreply@blogger.com (TheCooker) over 4 years ago

Saffron Hut


The picture gallery of the finished recipes is worth the visit to this blog. The recipe box is jammed with recipes from appetizers to full course meals. An example post titled Laidback Lunches - Stromboli is definitely a winner!

Masala Cook


Here is where you will see the art of Indian Cuisine in practice. It is very well written and I love the photographs of traditional Indian fare. This is one visual and creative cooking blog!

Kavithavin Kaivannam


Be prepared when opening this blog for the Indian music playing to get you in the mood for some great cooking. It has lots of recipes to entice and tempt you to experiment with Indian cooking or add to what you already know about it. Great posts.

Coriander Rasam
by Kavitha over 4 years ago
Pineapple Chicken fried rice
by Kavitha over 4 years ago

Home Cook's Recipe


I love the post about How to make Laddu. Great to do with kids. There are so many great recipes to try and I love that there are pictures... that way I know if I've done it right!

Maravalli kizhangu vadai / Tapioca vadai
by noreply@blogger.com (Lavi Raj) over 2 years ago
by noreply@blogger.com (Lavi Raj) almost 3 years ago



This blogger has a passion for food and for the culinary arts and shows it with her creative recipes. She shares her passion for Indian food and I particularly love the mouth-watering photos.

Vegetable Stew
by Tina over 2 years ago
Red Velvet Cake
by Tina over 2 years ago



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Recipes from India and south India in particular.