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This blog is about simple day-to-day recipes as well as some special recipes.The purpose is to jot down the cooking I have learnt so far :-) and to share it and most important is to learn more..as I am still a novice in cooking..Being a konkani by birth and a bengali after marriage :-),you will find some pure bengali and konkani recipes here which I have tried and experimented.

Pav Bhaji
by Jyoti over 2 years ago
Mourola fish bhaja/Stir fried small fish
by Jyoti over 2 years ago

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Adukala Vishesham


This blog is written by two friends that share a passion for Indian cooking. Here they share their recipes and tips for creating Indian cuisine at its best. Also here are some recipes from friends and family.

Mixed vegetable Khichdi
by AdukalaVishesham over 4 years ago
Baked Salmon
by AdukalaVishesham over 4 years ago

Anju's Kitchen Treasures


This blogger will tempt your senses with her culinary expertise. The posts here are very well written with some terrific recipes.

Chachi's Kitchen


This is a great blog for fantastic Indian food recipes. Healthy Lamb and Vegetable Biryani is an example of what you will find. Very well organized site.

Cook Like Mom


Here you will find many delicious recipes, mainly Indian food recipes. The food photography is great and will make you want to recreate these recipes.

Almond Biscotti
by Spandana over 4 years ago

Cooking Directory


Like the title of this blog says, Cooking Directory, you will find a wealth of recipes here. You will find this site very well organized and easy to navigate.

The Daily Tiffin


This blog started out as a place to get ideas about box lunches for kids. It has evolved into a much broader range. There are many contributors sharing idea recipes and thoughts on family life.



Here you will find many healthful recipes that are delicious and decadent. Very well written blog.

SENAI KARAMANI THEEYAL (yam and black eyed peas curry)
by Meena over 2 years ago

Delhi Foodies' Zone


Here is where you will find a wealth of information on Delhi. From food to where to explore, this is the go to blog. Also here you will find recipes from New Delhi to Old Delhi!

Indigo, One Golden Mile
by Reeta Skeeter over 2 years ago
Chef In a Box
by Reeta Skeeter over 2 years ago

Appetite For China


The author of this blog is a cook and a writer. She loves Latin-Chinese food and shares her recipes here. The food photography is great.

Chow Mein Live Contest!
by Diana Kuan almost 3 years ago
New Online Cooking Class launched with Craftsy!
by Diana Kuan almost 3 years ago

Burnt Lumpia


Marvin is the author and cook of this amazing blog. He shares his recipes and talents with all. You practically smell the aromas of the prepared foods from the beautiful photos!

A Life Of Spice


The author of three cookbooks, Monica Bhide has a terrific cooking blog here. An extensive recipe list and amazing food photography is what you will find here.

Book clubs!
by Monica Bhide over 2 years ago
How I found my destiny
by Monica Bhide over 2 years ago

Humaira's Food Passion


This is a well written cooking blog with some amazing recipes, including many Indian dishes. Chole Bhature looks sumptuous and is an example of what you will find here for inspiration for that next family dinner.

Sandhya's Kitchen


"Stove Top Paneer Tikka" is a recipe found on this very creative cooking blog. Sandhya, the cook and author, has a very refreshing approach to her cooking and shares her passion with all.

Blueberry Coconut Milk Smoothie
by Sandhya Hariharan over 2 years ago
Zesty Tomato Salsa for Canning
by Sandhya Hariharan over 2 years ago



The Peach Muffins on this blog look absolutely delicious. This is a fantastic cooking blog with a very light-hearted, fun feel to it. Love the restaurant/product review section.

Shubha's Kitchen - Chutki Bhar Pyar


This is a beautifully written cooking blog. It is creative in its format and I love the terrific recipes and beautiful photography that show them off.

MW Almond Joy "Burfee" - Almond Joy sweet Cake
by Shubha almost 4 years ago
Simple Tomato soup
by Shubha over 4 years ago



This is a fantastic blog with so many recipes to choose from your head will be spinning. From Indian Recipes to Kerala Recipes, you will find instruction and tips on preparing these delicious meals.

Nimi's Culinary Ventures


Even if you don't cook, it is worth the visit to Nimi's cooking blog just to look at the food photography. This site is visually appealing and the passion Nimi has for her cooking is evident.

Coffee apple shots to sweeten the pristine year !
by nimisrecipes over 2 years ago
Tahini cookies to spring up the festive spirits !!!
by nimisrecipes over 2 years ago