This Indian food blog is nice for beginners, as the recipes cause little to no anxiety to prepare.

Adhi Potoba


"After coming to Applebees country," this excellent Indian food writer decided to get back in touch with the food that made him.

Protein Packed Idli
by noreply@blogger.com (Adhi Potoba) over 4 years ago

A Smart Mouth


This Indian food site is "a blog in pursuit of nourishing and flavorful food, sustainable living, and pleasurable company in the kitchen and at the table



"Adventures with gastronomy" colors this blog, with flavorful posts and succulent recipes.

Tales from our Table


This is an Indian food blog "about family meals, favorite foods, the how and why thereof, and other stuff besides."

Thayir Sadam/Tempered Yogurt Rice
by chandna over 3 years ago
Achari Aloo
by chandna over 3 years ago

Whose Food We Eat, Their Song We Sing


This Indian food site is prepare in the memory of a strong and beautiful woman whose cuisine lives on through her family.



"Cooking experiments in [her] kitchen" rarely go wrong, making sure that her recipes are fail-proof when you take them on.

Dry roasted coconut chicken curry
by Fathima over 3 years ago
Strawberry Banana Coconut Water Smoothie
by Fathima over 3 years ago



This "diary of a Hyerabadi foodie" is worth a read or two -- or three, if only to discover exactly what a "Hyerabadi" is.

Chuqandar Ki Subzi
by Mona over 2 years ago
Keema Bharay Tamatay Ka Salan – Tomatoes stuffed with Minced Meat in a Spicy Aromatic Gravy
by Mona almost 3 years ago

Best of Kanchan


Find amazing Indian food recipes that have all personally been cooked and tested for taste by the head blogger.

All Best India


Find the absolute best in classic Indian dishes from all of the country's diverse regions here.

Best Indian Cooking


This site puts an emphasis on Indian dishes that feature a protein as the star of the plate.

South Indian Recipes


Indian cuisine stalwarts are definitely aware of the differences between Northern and Southern dishes from the culture and the blog details all the differences.

What Katy Ate Next


The Random Rants & Recipes of a Hindu Wannabe Fusion Foodie

Food, Football and a Baby


Michelle is a food blogger, an ex-Masterchef UK quarter-finalist, armchair footie commentator and mom. Her blog is mainly Indian food, particularly from the South of India, but with lots of Canadian and British influences thanks to her travels.

Mango Sangria With White Zinfandel and Lychee Liqueur
by noreply@blogger.com (Michelle Peters - Jones) almost 4 years ago
Giveaway - Win Tickets to Cavalia's Odysseo! ((Edmonton and Area Only)
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