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All types of visual art, with an emphasis on illustration, provide for this site's fodder. The only criteria for what gets posted is the expert use of, well, lines and colors.

Ann Kraft Walker
by Charley Parker about 4 years ago
Eye Candy for Today: Bargue’s Bashi-Bazouk
by Charley Parker about 4 years ago



Amy lovingly informs readers here that, in Japanese, "pika" means "bright, shiny, happy." Essentially, these are the qualities of a superlative illustration career, and this blogger stocks her site full of examples of great artists achieving just that. As an illustrator from Malaysia, Amy empathizes with the joys and jostlings of the art life firsthand. Each post finds her compiling yet another set of artwork to inspire her next work, and hopefully some creations from readers.

Pikaland @ Bok Fair
by amy about 4 years ago
Simona Ciraolo
by amy about 4 years ago

Yoko Furusho


This Japanese illustrator resides in New York, and readers can feel the core of the Big Apple seep through his work. He juxtaposes his creations with charming photo-essays.

The Wallery x Yoko Furusho
by Yoko Furusho over 4 years ago
by Yoko Furusho over 4 years ago

Expats Art


Expats Art has been brought to life to display and promote artists of any kind. Lots of art communities usually focus on one element, but here we like to do things differently. Each form of Art tells a story in its own way and there are lots of hidden gems out there and it is important that you get the chance to have a fun place to display your art, get noticed and be inspired by other artists.

Twisted Pixels Illustration


This is a new blog where i will be posting all my upcoming projects, digital art turorials and artist interviews! Twisted Pixels Illustration is run by Marc Bingham, a Manchester UK based artist. Marc loves to draw robots, monsters and anything else that comes to mind. Marc sells apparel and artwork prints at his online store.

Bright Wings of Summer


A place I share the creative life as I journey and explore being and artist.

Black Spider Studio


I find joy in putting color on paper. I love to make people happy with art. Can art relieve suffering? My greatest wish is to find a way to help others through art.

Red Parka


Red Parka is a blog illustration and creative living. I feature many artists and illustrators work in between chronicling my own life and journey as a drawing, writing, exploring, blogging, coffee-drinking creative entrepreneur.

New Blog Address - Same (But Better!) Blog! Come see the new Red Parka!
by Jennifer Skelly about 4 years ago
And so the adventure begins! PLUS - want to meet Red Parka?
by Jennifer Skelly over 4 years ago

Deborah's Art


Words, musings, poetry and art in the Surrealistic Style

livividli lifestyle blog


Laura Miller is an artist, nurse and blogger sharing her creative life.

Mary Walker Designs


Drawing Topics: Art Linkup, Artist Trading Cards, Animal Illustration, Every Day Objects Illustration, Draw Daily, Drawing Prompts, Fashion Sketchbook, Food Illustration, Art Journal Pages, Meditative Doodling, Mixed Media, Homeschooling, Technique, Travel Sketchbook, Whimsical Pet Portraits, Zentangles

Adrienne Rose Blog


A lifestyle blog featuring a Military Spouse -- Transitioning into an art/lifestyle blog. I frequently blog about art, army life, travel, and happiness!

Fun and Nonsense


Fun and Nonsense is full of illustrations and silly stories about the characters that pop out of my sketchbook...