Illustration Friday


Every friday, these crafty bloggers challenge illustrators all over to interpret a prompt in an artsy fashion. Students can learn how limiting demands can spawn awesomeness here.

How to cultivate good habits that will encourage creativity
by Amy Ng over 2 years ago
Pick of the Week for SHELTER and This Week’s Topic
by Thomas James over 2 years ago

Sugar Frosted Goodness


Innumerable gifted illustrators regularly contribute to this prestigious page. Visit multiple times daily to attempt to digest the onslaught of great work here.

Happy New Year 2016
by Mike Cressy over 2 years ago
Sketches from my pink sketchbook
by Tomas Bjornsson over 2 years ago

Fuel Your Illustration


FYI, this blog is the one to beeline to when searching for illustration octane. Webcomic Wednesday and Five Flickr Friday make for weekly standout posts.



Blogger Jason doesn't skimp on the anime influences which permeate his work here. Aspiring illustrators get an example of how to correctly, successfully, market themselves.

Parsons: Words and Pictures


Parsons The New School for Design invites its Illustration students to take this blog's whitespace and run amok. The student showcases forecast future superstars in the industry.

Words and Pictures Has Moved!
by parsonsamt over 4 years ago
Parsons Alum Sophia Chang joins forces with PUMA and Steve Madden!
by Illustration over 4 years ago

SCAD-Atlanta Illustration


Whoopi Goldberg recently commended this school for its brilliantly talented students, whose lush work is shown off here. Get to know not just some stunning creations, but the promising creators behind it all.

Scroobious Pips
by Rick over 2 years ago
RED DOT Design Competition Winners
by Rick almost 3 years ago

Dal Donuts and Doodles


I am an animator, an illustrator and a portrait artist by profession......a mother of two hyper active boys, aged five and ten....a wife of an Indian Army Officer who has never let me stay in one place for more than a year in a decade of married life... and to add some more fun and pizzaz and confusion (as if there wasnt enough already), I started a blog to chronicle my nomadic existance and the inspirations that hit me along the way! I dont yet know what category my blog defines...its personal, yet for everyone, its arty-gotta lotta doodles, and crafty-lots of DIY hoopla... and its got lotsa foodie adventures as well! so my blog doesnt really conform to set of people or group... hop on and you might find something that interests YOU.

Monday moment with my sketchbook!
by Maryam Hasanahmad over 2 years ago
Hello Weekend!
by Maryam Hasanahmad over 2 years ago