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This blog brings a pulp-lit, Technicolor finish to the illustration and animation blog community. Super quirky comics endear readers here with their off-kilter feel.

Blobby Boys Cartoon
by Chris about 4 years ago
Kouhei Ashino Art
by Chris about 4 years ago

Illustration Underground


Two industry professionals engage in this weekly podcast to gab about what's hot in the worlds of comics and illustration. Listening often provides regular auditory inspiration for your work.

Can't Keep Up With The Joneses


Can’t keep up with the Joneses is a comic strip created by Sherilyn Jones and was produced by her company The Concept Media Group, LLC under the subsidiary J Cartooning. It chronicles the life of an African American group of siblings in a world of hip hop, trends, and hilarious family situations. Common themes in the strip include occurrences an average family would experience, the tremendous jokes and pranks the characters display towards one another, and the overall message of being an original person. The comics primary focus is essentially on the interactions of the siblings as a group as well as individually.

#ckuwtjBlueCity – Football Series
by Sherilyn almost 4 years ago
Check Us Out
by Sherilyn almost 4 years ago