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Anyone who's even had the tiniest inkling about illustration as a potential career is required to visit this page at least once. This blog is filled to the brim with tales of some of the most successful contemporary illustrators, who happily lend their stories of how they made it to the top. It also spotlights and celebrates newcomers to the art discipline. What's more, potential illustrators can learn about the business sense, legal info, and education they need to make creating beautiful things their livelihood.

Welcome to the 21st century
by Darren Di Lieto over 2 years ago
Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!
by Jane Di Lieto-Danes over 2 years ago

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Illustrators on the hunt for business success learn how to craft themselves into marketable resources here. There's also guidance on discovering your own unique art style.

A 101 Guide to Financial Management for Illustrators
by Lea over 4 years ago
A 101 Guide to Running A Lean & Agile Business
by Lea over 4 years ago

Hope Starbound


Follow the illustrated adventures of a handmade jewelry artist as she navigates the world of life, science, and business.